Got Q's about The Secret Library? I'm here for ya!

I've already signed up.... But I can't find the password!

When you signed up for the list, you'll be taken to this thank you page and you should also receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription to my list. Once you've confirmed, you'll receive a welcome e-mail from me, which also includes the password. Double check to make sure that you confirmed your subscription! If you never received any e-mails from me, get in touch with me here.

Now that I'm signed up, I don't know how to get in!

No problem! There's a button on my homepage that says 'Access the Secret Library.' When you click that button, you'll be taken to a page that asks you to enter the password. Once you enter the password ONCE, you'll likely not have to do it again (unless you delete your browser history or use a new make sure to write the password down somewhere or save my welcome e-mail just in case!). When you want to revisit the library, simply use this address: (feel free to bookmark it in your browser).

What can I do with the resources in the library?

Use 'em! I create each resource for the library with the intent that it will help you along in your lettering or blogging journey. You may NOT redistribute the resources with others who are not allowed access, sell the resources, claim them as your own, or otherwise use them for non-personal use.

What is included
in The Secret Library?

The Secret Library contains practice sheets for lettering, blogging and business checklists, as well as some fun, happy things to brighten your day. I include so many blogging and business resources because so many of you have aspirations of creating a business out of your lettering practice!