This is my story

Kiley in Kentucky' began in 2013 as a small lifestyle blog I used to gain writing and photography experience shortly after graduating college. When I moved to New York City in 2014, I was SURE life in New York City would inspire me to continue blogging, but it simply didn't feel right anymore and, reluctantly, I went on an indefinite hiatus. To my surprise, when I took a step back, everything started coming into focus! I picked up hand-lettering as a way to pass time at a low-key desk job and re-discovered my love of blogging...this time about lettering tutorials and inspiration! By mid-2016, I had moved back to Kentucky, opened an online shop, gotten married, and relocated (again) to Southern Illinois, where I live with my adorable husband. Though Kiley is no longer in Kentucky, I will always have a serious love for all things Bluegrass...and I ain't changin' my name now!