Hey, I'm Kiley.

I love art, doable DIY, and Goodwill.
But, my bread and butter is brush lettering!

Say that five times fast!


this is how I spend my days:

I'm a teacher... A teacher of online and in-person workshops. I launched my first online class, THE LOVE HOW YOU LETTER CLASS, in April of 2017, and I do my best to schedule in-person workshops in Kentucky and Southern Illinois. My latest workshop is taking place in Greensburg, Kentucky on May 19th!

I co-host a podcast... I started The Misses Ambitious Podcast with my business BFF, Blaine in February of 2017. Our show is for the creative or entrepreneurial spirit who wants to dive into this scary/crazy/awesome world, but needs a little pep talk first...if that's you (or if you just want to listen for fun), you can hear new episodes every Tuesday AND FRIDAY on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher!

I create tutorials and resources that inspire and encourage... I love crafting blog posts, and now, YouTube Videos, about brush lettering, watercolor, and my favorite products and techniques. Take a look at my blog! You can also pick up my book, Super Simple Hand Lettering, and have a little Kiley in Kentucky Lettering Love in your own home!

Other titles I go by:

  • Cat Mom

  • Coffee Snob

  • Nail Polish Guru