Hey, I'm Kiley.

I draw letters for a living! It's pretty awesome.
But, oh, if it were that simple!

that's not all, y'all

I'm also a teacher... A lettering teacher, to be exact. I am currently creating my very first online course about finding your unique lettering style. I also teach in-person classes on brush-lettering basics and have lots of free resources for beginner artists looking for some extra practice and a new point of view. Until my course is complete, check out my 50 Ways to Letter Worksheets!

And a shop owner... I design and hand-make shiny, gold foiled prints to decorate your special space. I do lots of custom work, and nothing makes me happier than to work with you to create an original piece to hang in your home, or to give as a thoughtful, personal gift. Want to work with me? Check out my Etsy Shop.

Most recently, a podcaster... I started a small business podcast with my business BFF, Blaine, for the creative or entrepreneurial spirit who wants to dive into this scary/crazy/awesome world, but needs a little pep talk first...if that's you (or if you just want to listen for fun), you can hear new episodes every Tuesday and Friday HERE.

A blogger... I love creating tutorials and blog posts about brush lettering and my favorite products and techniques. I post on my blog every Friday. Take a look at my blog!

Other titles I go by:

  • Cat Mom

  • Coffee Snob

  • Nail Polish Guru