My Favorite Brush Pens

Tombow Dual Brush Pen
Tombow Fudenosuke Set (Hard and Soft Tip)
Sharpie Brush Pens

Fave Misc. Lettering Tools

Papermate Flair Pens
This colorful pack of Sharpies
Crayola Super Tips
Tombow Mono Drawing Pens
These Drawing Pencils
Mono Sand Eraser

My Favorite Papers

Tracing Paper
Marker Paper
Watercolor Paper

My Favorite Camera

Canon PowerShot SX730 - This camera is small but mighty! I use it almost daily to record YouTube videos, online courses, and snap photos for my social media and blog posts. Such an awesome piece of equipment I could not live without!

My Favorite Studio Lights

Limo Studio Lights (Set of 3)

My Favorite Printers

Color Printer and Scanner - The link will take you to a slightly newer model of the printer and scanner system I use. This scanner is one of the best I've ever used, and I love it for scanning in watercolor designs!
Toner Printer for Foiling - To apply gold foil, you have to use Toner. This printer has been with me since the beginning of my foiling days, and I've only needed to replace the cartridge a total of 3 times (in 2 years!). I swear by this baby...especially for the cost!

My Favorite External Harddrive (For a Mac)

WD 1TB Passport External Hard Drive

My Favorite Website Host

Squarespace, baby!

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