Episode 3: Self-Publishing vs. Getting Published (Feat. Lauren Ibach)

I’m so excited to share this (long) chat I had with my good friend, Lauren Ibach about a topic I’m sure a lot of you have thought about before.

Today, we discuss the pros and cons of working with a publishing company as an author under contract vs. self-publishing your own work. This chat, though lengthy, is full of really insightful information from both of our perspectives.

If you’ve been scared to approach a publishing company or intimidated by what it might entail to self-publish, you won’t want to miss anything we discuss in this episode!

As always leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this topic! Show Lauren some love and take a browse around her Etsy Shop. You can also check out my book on Amazon here.

Episode 2: Am I An Artist? What is my style?

In this episode of The Making Small Talk show, I talk about the two major questions we ask ourselves when we get into creating...

When do I call myself an artist? How do I find my unique style as an artist?

These are two of the toughest questions to answer, and I believe they can only be answered by the individual, but I share my thought process in this episode, which will *hopefully* give you the permission you didn't know you needed to explore your style, try something different, find what naturally draws you in, and to call yourself an artist ... even if you're not ready to put it in your social media bio yet!

As always, leave me a comment to let me know what topics you want to hear discussed on the show or to share your thoughts on the episode topic with me and others!

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Episode 1: Blogging As A Creative

In the first official episode of The Making Small Talk Show, I discuss blogging as an artist.

Questions I'm going to answer in this episode:

Do you need a blog? Will it make or break your creative business? How has blogging changed since I started blogging in 2013? Why do I continue to have a blog if it doesn't really make that much difference in my business?

0:00-2:00 - An introduction of how the show is going to go!

2:00 - The episode begins, I give a brief history of my blogging background.

4:30 - I begin blogging as an artist

5:30 - Beginning to bust the blogging myth that you 'have' to blog if you are an artist!

Leave a comment here and let me know what you think about this topic, and what other topics you hope I discuss in the future!

Shout out to Kristin Vermilya of The How to Fail Podcast  for helping me come up with the name of my show! You can read my original blog here.