Lettering is fun! loving your lettering is not always easy.

If you've been lettering for awhile, but STILL struggling with:

  • Setting yourself apart in the ever-growing lettering community

  • Differentiating your hand-lettered products from the rest

  • Always looking to Pinterest or Instagram for lettering inspiration

  • Simply loving your own lettering...

I am here to show you how I overcame those exact same struggles to develop a style that is identifiable and uniquely me, and one that i love.

 Rachel's Review

Rachel's Review

“I stumbled upon Kiley’s lettering course after about 7 months of lettering on my own. Up until this point I had little confidence in my own creativity and was only able to look at someone else’s work and try to copy it. I was trying to mash all of these different styles together to form my own style, which left my lettering looking unnatural and forced. Kiley’s class has given me confidence in my natural handwriting and the skills to find the parts of my writing that make me unique. I have even been able to create a few custom designs WITHOUT the help of Instagram or Pinterest! Kiley’s natural teaching ability, along with her daily interaction on the Facebook group, have both been incredibly helpful for my lettering journey!”

In The love how you letter class:

You Will...

  • Learn exercises to inspire creativity (without the use of internet or social media)
  • Look at your lettering with new eyes
  • Dissect your everyday handwriting
  • Make KEY decisions about your style, and begin implementing them, like TODAY.

And not only that! You'll have unlimited, lifetime access to the class

"I had been feeling like I was stuck in a lettering rut for quite a while. I was becoming frustrated with my lettering and losing a lot of confidence in myself. I have finished Kiley's course and I am in awe at how much she has helped me find MY style, and helped build my confidence in myself. I was able to identify what makes me ME and what makes me unique! I have such confidence in myself now, I no longer hate how my lettering looks! I want to shout from the rooftops for EVERYONE to take this class! You won't regret it!!!"
-Mandy Faucher (@a_heartened_calling)

                                         13 Course Videos
Accompanying Worksheets
An Accountability Challenge
Access to Me (And almost 1,000 Other Artists) In the LHYL Facebook Group
Lifetime Access To the Course + All Future Updates at no additional Cost

"I thought I'd be relegated to always creating watered-down versions of other people's work, but The Unexpected Lettering Class taught me how to find and embrace my own style. Using video lessons and self-driven exercises, Kiley showed me how to pinpoint what makes my handwriting unique and how to translate that into making lettering pieces I am proud of. When I had questions, Kiley quickly responded with helpful and encouraging answers. In addition to the lessons, you get access to the class Facebook group where Kiley interacts with all the class participants as a community. By taking this class, I've not only developed my own lettering style, but I've made like-minded friends. If you are looking to push your lettering horizons, this is the class for you. I can not recommend The Unexpected Lettering Class enough!" 
                                             -Molly P.


Is this class for beginners? It depends on what you mean by 'beginner.' If you have never picked up a brush pen, and do not know how to letter, this class is not for you! However, if you have basic knowledge of lettering, and are comfortable with the tool of your choice, but simply consider yourself a 'beginner,' you will greatly benefit from starting to develop your style in the beginning stages of your lettering journey. Just be mindful that I'm not instructing you how to letter, how to use a brush pen, or the basics of lettering in general, but that this class is one focused on developing your personal style!

Can I work through this course at my own pace, or is there a time constraint? Yes, you are encouraged to work through this course at a pace that works for you, your schedule, and your lettering practice! There is 0 (ZERO) time constraint! You do you, boo.

I don't really understand how you can teach style discovery...can you explain? It's kind of abstract. I totally get it! This course is built around the 4 exercises I used to develop my style and stop needing "inspiration" from other artists. I can only teach the methods I have used, but the methods, themselves, are universal, as they require each individual artist to draw from their own well. I use examples of these exercises with my lettering (because, duh!), but I'm in NO WAY teaching you my style.

How long after completing the course can I expect to see a change in my lettering? It took me a year to develop my style, but don't you worry...since you're receiving access to these exercises upon signing up, you may start seeing changes in your lettering within a few weeks of daily practice...maybe more, maybe less. I don't want to lead you on, here. There will be a LOT of daily practice involved in discovering your style, and even MORE practice if you want it to become second-nature. The process will be different for everyone, so don't put pressure on yourself, and don't try to rush a masterpiece!

Is any additional support offered? What if I need help or advice? Just know this: I got you. I have created a Facebook Group for all members to join (totally optional, but I highly recommend), so we can all gather in one place for sharing suggestions, tips, progress, and so you can be present when I pop in for Facebook Live Q and As and demonstrations.

"When I signed up for this class, I didn't know what to expect, I was a little nervous especially about the using your regular handwriting part (I greatly dislike my handwriting). All my nervousness was unfounded, Kiley is an amazing teacher, she explains the concepts and the why behind the exercises so well. I've taken other lettering classes and this class left me feeling confident in my lettering and understanding the value of my lettering looking and feeling like me. Before taking this class I had the dream of opening an etsy shop for my little niche, but was so afraid of not standing out because my lettering looked just like everyone else on instagram.  Since taking this class I feel confident that I can open a lettering business and that my lettering will stand out.  Having lettering that feels and looks like ME, gives me SO much confidence the value I have in the lettering world. 
I also love that Kiley opened a facebook group where we can all share work and work through the prompts and grow together, it's definitely community over competition!"

If you're still unsure of whether this class is right for you, simply get in touch, explain your situation + your concerns, and I'll be 110% honest with you. No "selling" here. That is my guarantee.



Kiley Bennett is a self-taught lettering artist, designer, CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Kiley in Kentucky, teacher, and cheerleader of all her students.

Since Kiley in Kentucky began back in 2013, Kiley's main goal has always been to spread the good word of creativity in all its forms: doodling, drawing, painting, lettering, DIY'ing, and photography.

When she isn't blogging, lettering, or painting every piece of furniture she finds at Goodwill, she's co-hosting the small business podcast, Misses Ambitious, or doing her nails, petting her cat, and drinking coffee---probably all at once!

If you are a current student with questions, or are curious whether this course is right for you, get in touch with her here