Self-Paced | Beginner | 2.5 Hours

Forget the fancy camera. All you need for this course is your smart phone, and a few items from your house! This course is designed to walk you through the start to finish of taking high-quality photos for your website, online shop, and social media with only your smart phone and an editing app! Quality photos can change the game for a small business...if you want to 'level up' and harness the power of iPhone magic, this course is for you!



  • Your Smartphone! I use an iPhone, but any smartphone will do!

  • Your favorite in-phone editing app! (All the ones I recommend in class are available for both iPhone and Android)

  • A white foam board or scrapbook paper for your photo backdrop

  • Any other props you want to use in your photos!


  • 5 Lessons 

  • 2 Bonus Lessons

  • Extra Guides, Cheat Sheets, and Ebooks to help you along throughout the course!

  • Access to ME, your course instructor, for help answering any questions you might have.

  • Lifetime access to the course, including future updates and additions!


Tools + Materials

Lesson 1: Choosing A Space | Using Natural Light
Lesson 2: What Makes A Good Photo?
Lesson 3: Prepping Your Camera (And Yourself!)
Lesson 4: Setting Up the Scene | Capturing the Photo
Lesson 5: Editing with A Color Story (Bonus Lesson: Editing with Afterlight App)
Bonus Lesson: Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed


Meet Your Teacher

Kiley Bennett is a self-taught lettering artist, designer, CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Kiley in Kentucky, teacher, and cheerleader of all her students.

Since Kiley in Kentucky began back in 2013, Kiley's main goal has always been to spread the good word of creativity in all its forms: doodling, drawing, painting, lettering, DIY'ing, and photography.

When she isn't blogging, lettering, or painting every piece of furniture she finds at Goodwill, she's co-hosting the small business podcast, Misses Ambitious, or doing her nails, petting her cat, and drinking coffee---probably all at once!

If you are a current student with questions, or are curious whether this course is right for you, get in touch with her here

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