Even the best lettering artists get in a funk! I was there. On some days, I'm still there. If you're in need of a little help (or a lot!) in escaping the lettering funk, further developing your own style, or learning to love your lettering a little bit more, I've got a class you'd love!

The Love How You Letter Class is a self-paced online class devoted to finding, developing, and nurturing your own style as a lettering artist! Check it out here!


Let's work together!

I love to work with other artists, bloggers, and brands to review products, collaborate, or simply encourage one another in the crazy world of creative online business! Click the button below and let's discuss what we could partner on!


Did your lettering hobby transform into a business?

The Misses Ambitious Podcast is the show for you! I co-host this podcast with my business BFF. We discuss the sweet and sour parts of running a business, and help the aspiring or beginning business owner take the right steps toward happiness and freedom as a small biz owner! And if you're a veteran biz owner, maybe you should be a guest! You can apply here.

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