50 Ways to Letter

Print them out for tracing, or upload them into Procreate!

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FAQ's about printing, practicing & more!


  1. What pens do you use with your lettering sheets?
    I use either the Fudenosuke Soft Nib or Hard Nib. Both are made by Tombow, and they are considered a small brush pen. These worksheets were designed for a small to medium brush pen, but can still work with a larger brush pen, like the Tombow Dual Brush Pens! (how many times can I say brush pen? LOL)
  2. What paper should I use for printing?
    Paper is just as important as the pen, itself. If you want to trace directly onto the worksheet, I suggest printing on a super smooth cardstock or bristol paper. The smoother the paper, the more protected your delicate brush nibs will be. Even regular copy paper can damage and fray nibs, unfortunately. Smooth cardstocks tend to be thicker, which can be difficult to print on the average printer, but lots of printers have manual feeds designed for thicker papers. If you don't have access to smooth cardstock or are unable to print on the thicker paper, buy a pad of cheap tracing paper from Wal-Mart or any craft store and letter on the tracing sheet instead. 
  3. The ink from the paper discolors my brush pens...what should I do?
    Once again, buy a pad of tracing paper so that you aren't lettering directly on top of the ink! However, you can always just use a black pen. It won't look as pretty as multi-colored pens, but it will save them! One last alternative is to print your worksheets using toner, if possible. I haven't noticed any ink displacement or smearing when I print using toner.
  4. These are all JPEG files, not PDFs...how do I use these as worksheets?
    First and foremost, these are all JPEGs because they can be either printed or uploaded into a program like Procreate (for the iPad) as a digital file.  TO PRINT THE JPEGs: Right click and save as picture. In your printer settings, make sure you 'fit to page' when printing for best printing results. TO UPLOAD TO PROCREATE: Save them as photos (like normal), then transfer them to your iPad using e-mail or iCould, then insert the worksheets as a photo in Procreate and begin tracing!