You've got Q's, and I want to A them.

Q: How and when did you begin lettering?
A: In some form or fashion, I have been lettering my entire life (It all started with bubble letters back in elementary school)! I began taking lettering seriously and cultivating my own style in mid-2015. I got myself in the habit of daily lettering practice by participating in 30 day lettering challenges on Instagram and researching lots of different styles!

Q: What products do you use the most? 
A: Because I prefer brush calligraphy, I reach for Tombow Dual Brush Pens more often than any other tool. Another favorite is the Tombow Fudenosuke pen. For watercolor brush lettering, I use a Pental Aquash brush. 

Q: What program do you use to digitize your hand-drawn art?
A: I use Adobe Illustrator. 

Q: What app do you use to edit your lettering photos for Instagram?
A: I use Snapseed to bright the "whites" of any lettering photos I take. It seriously works wonders, but takes a little practice and experimentation!

Q: Do you take your own blog photos? 
A: Yes and no! For MOST of my blog posts, the photos you see are my own. My headshot, and any process photos showing me in the act of working are taken by January June Photography.