Watercolors Made Simple with Yo-i Crayons

*This product was sent to me by Tombow USA but all opinions are 100% my own*


Earlier this week, I blogged about How to Use Crayola Markers for lettering, and now, I'm talking about crayons. Did I ever think this kind of week would come? Hmm...no. But, wow, I'm really excited it did!

The Yo-i Crayons from Tombow USA are pretty cool. First of all, look at that adorable, portable packaging?


Second, these are totally perfect for the tiny artist in your life. Even though I'm not yet a mom, I am already gathering a small art supply for my future kids to learn the foundations of art in all mediums. Not only are these crayons water-soluble and will wipe off of glass, metal, or wall surfaces with water and soap (that's HUGE), but they're very similar to pastels. And pastels are something I used to play with as a child. Pastels were so much fun, and are an incredible medium to work with for a kid bursting with creativity!


Here, I quickly scribbled out some swatches of each crayon on some watercolor paper.
You can use these crayons on any kind of paper, but because I wanted to test these as watercolors, I jumped the gun and used them on the watercolor paper, which is why there's so much texture from the paper showing through. 

My first impressions were: 
1. The feel of these is really great. They're softer than regular crayons--definitely a crayon/pastel hybrid. 
2. The colors are SO vibrant!


Next, I tried adding water to a paintbrush and applying it directly to the pigment on the watercolor paper. Although it wet easily, it didn't work nearly as well as how I ultimately ended up using these......


I got out my trusty Tombow blending palette and scribbled some pigment from three of my favorite colors onto the surface.


Then you just add water....


And you get the most DELICATE watercolor pigments ever!

So, here's my overall first impression:
Using these as watercolors is probably not going to be my preferred way of using them (I'm going to play around with using them like pastels in a future post), but for your little artists at home?! These would be PERFECT.

So stay tuned for other ways to use these Yo-I crayons...I'm thinking there might be a coloring page or something in my future!

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