Using Trello In My Business: My Thoughts So Far!

Using Trello in My Business

*this is not a sponsored post*

I have had a Trello account for years! I heard it was a great tool for online organization, and I wanted to get in on that noise! But, no matter how hard I tried, and no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watched, I just couldn't seem to figure it out. It was incredibly overwhelming to me, and therefore, my account was there for years, but inactive for all that time. 

Until!!! Until I got into creative, small business podcasts last year. When I launched my own business, I used listening to podcasts throughout my days as a way to get to know other business owners in my industry who have years of experience under their belt. As I listened to a wider variety of these podcasts, I heard a common theme: I use Trello for my business, and I absolutely love it. 

My intrigue for Trello was reignited, and I tried giving it another look, but once again----maybe it's just me, but DANG! It looks so complicated. 

You can only imagine my surprise, and the sigh of relief I breathed when I discovered an online course called Trello for Business by the gals over at Think Creative Collective. This course is an absolute must for anyone hoping to learn Trello in order to maximize productivity in their business (and life in general). I am so glad I invested that $29 in learning a tool that has helped me so much in my business already. 

But this blog post is not about the course. It is about my first impressions and initial thoughts on utilizing Trello for the past two months. I've been steadily using it each work day, Monday through Friday, and I feel like I'm acquainted enough with it that I can give you some valuable insight on why you might want to look into using Trello as well.

My Thoughts on Trello So Far!

1. It reminds me of Pinterest! Which is great for me, a visual person.

Once I learned the basic ins and outs of the system, it started to remind me more and more of Pinterest, a website/tool I absolutely love. But who doesn't love Pinterest?! The format of Trello involves arranging your to-do lists, ideas, and business processes and information in one spot on various boards, in a way that is easy for you to comprehend and use effectively. 

2. I don't have to make a new to-do list with the same ongoing tasks every day! Time-saver!

I was using a paper planner for my business before I implemented Trello. In a paper planner, every single morning I had to write down those same ongoing tasks that I do every single day, which is a time-suck because there are a lot of those tasks, and it also takes up a lot of space on the finite page size of a paper planner. 
A few generic Examples are:
Business Instagram Post
Podcast Instagram Post
Facebook Group Prompt
Inbox 0

Some people could do all of these ongoing, daily tasks from memory, but I cannot, and l will forget to do something if it is not written down somewhere. 

How Trello helps in this department is that you can create a layout of your week. This layout is not dated (unless you want it to be), and represents the current week, and only the current week. You create what is called a 'card' for each item on your to-do list, and place it under the day of the week you need it to be done. For daily tasks, you create the card for each task once, place it under the Monday tab, then drag and drop it into the next day's tab once you've completed it. Here is an example.

  *This board was originally designed by Think Creative Collective, and as part of the course, I was able to copy and paste the template, and use it for my own weekly list.*

*This board was originally designed by Think Creative Collective, and as part of the course, I was able to copy and paste the template, and use it for my own weekly list.*

I am writing this post on a Tuesday, so you can see that my Tuesday list is the fullest! I have not yet completed the tasks still on that list. Once I complete the daily tasks, I will drag them over to the Wednesday list. For example, 'Facebook Group Post' is a daily task that I've already completed today, and has been dragged into the Wednesday list. Once I complete the tasks that are one-time tasks, I will delete the card. Any task listed above the 'ongoing' card on every day of the week is a task I ONLY do on that day of the week. For instance: Wednesday is always podcast recording day, so I leave that card there. Anything below the 'ongoing' card is a daily task or a one-time task that is time-sensitive.

3. The options for how you can use it are absolutely endless!

You are seeing only a small sample of one of the NINE boards I have on Trello. I know it sounds overwhelming, but each board has a purpose. An example of my favorite board is one called 'Business Blueprint' (once again, a template I got by taking the Trello For Business Course), and it holds ALL MY USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS. Like, all of them. For every account I have, business AND personal. I can't tell you how many times I have referenced this board in the past two months. Not only does this board hold my passwords, but it's also a spot where I can drop and organize any and all links I need to refer to in my business. Examples are: affiliate links, course links, links to resources or articles I look at often, etc. Once again, that's not all, it's just a small taste! 

4. You don't have to just use it for business.

When I say that my husband creates the world's most difficult passwords, I am not lying. And then, he forgets them because he doesn't want to write them down. Well. When I told him about storing our passwords in one spot...a safe spot...he was all about it. So, I created a personal board for our household, and shared it with him, so now we both have access to any and all passwords and usernames we need to access, as well as important links, grocery lists, and other things we want to keep track of. Trello is not just for business! It can be a great household, wedding planning, etc tool that you could really utilize to make the most of your time!

Even though I've been using Trello for going on two months, I am just scratching the surface of using it to its fullest potential. As I continue to dive deeper into it, and become a Trello master, I will update this blog post or do a follow-up with new tips or things I have learned. 

If you want to purchase Trello for Business, click here! Once again, this post is not sponsored. I truly believe in it that much!