I'm Turning 25, so I Made Something For You

On the eve of my 25th birthday, I don't want to contemplate my life or spend four hours writing something thoughtful. I just want to do something fun. So that's what I'm gonna do!

I spend so much of my free time doodling and practicing my hand-lettering that it only seems natural to make something of it and put it out in the universe. I got wild and crazy over the weekend and filmed my process for the very first time. In the beginning it was just for myself. Am I even good at this? Would I watch this? Do I even know what I'm doing?

Getting there.
No, but who does?

Nonetheless, I surprised myself with how excited I was to create a new kind of medium: a video. And it has already boosted my creative juices and given me a page-long list of new ideas, so I'm going with it. I call this video (the first of a possible series) "Hand Letter in a Hurry" because that's what it is: hand-lettering in a hurry! If it is half as fun for you to watch as it was for me to film and edit, color me happy!

I hope it is because I have already filmed a second video. #CANTHOLDMEBACK

In this short video, I take you from beginning to end of my process for a simple hand-lettered design. If you want to download the finished result for yourself, click here! 
Right click> save (And don't say I never gave you something).

Happy birthday to me! <3