Tie Dye Lettering Technique from 'Lettering With Purpose'

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Tie Dye Lettering Technique from Lettering With Purpose | Kiley in Kentucky

Hey y'all!!! I have the MOST FUN lettering tutorial for you today. This tie-dye inspired lettering tutorial came straight out of my new favorite lettering book, Lettering With Purpose, written and illustrated by my girl, Brittany Luiz!

(That is cinnamon in my coffee, BTW!)

(That is cinnamon in my coffee, BTW!)

Ever since this book arrived at my doorstep, I've been so excited to curl up with a cup of coffee, my favorite brush pen, and mark all the tutorials and pages that inspire me most. Today's tutorial is the first one that caught my eye, and I just had to share it with you!

P.S. I got permission from Brittany to share this tutorial with y'all! Please let this blog post be an indicator of how truly amazing and info-packed this book is. All of this came from ONE PAGE.

OK, I'm sure you're like "get to it, woman!" so let's get started.

Here's what you'll need for this tutorial:

  • A pencil
  • 1 Sheet of Copy Paper
  • Black Dual Brush Pen or Other Black Brush Pen
  • 1 Sheet of Watercolor, Mixed Media Paper, or Other Heavy Cardstock
  • 1 Black Permanent Marker
  • 2 Dual Brush Pens in the 'Tie-Dye' Colors of your choice

Begin by sketching your design out on a piece of regular copy paper with a pencil. Don't worry too much about making the sketch perfect! As you can see, I definitely didn't!

Next, trace your pencil sketch with whatever pen you want to use! I am using a large brush pen to create thick lines, and then tracing over the downstrokes again to make them even thicker. 


This is my final tracing with extra thick downstrokes! One of the best parts about this tutorial is....NO ERASING PENCIL MARKS!


Take your traced sketch to a light box! I'm using the Cricut Bright Pad (I did a more comprehensive review and tutorial about this awesome device here). If you don't have a light box, no problem!!! You could easily hold your traced sketch up to a bright window and trace that way :) I've done it multiple times.


Ok, so here's the thing! You HAVE to use a permanent marker for this step!! I mistakenly used the fine point nib of my Dual Brush Pen for this step and it just messed everything up...you'll see why in a moment. But, don't be like me. Please read tutorials correctly and use a permanent marker! 

Anywho! You want to outline your tracing with a permanent ink on a heavy-duty cardstock or a paper designed to hold water (such as: watercolor or mixed media paper). 


This is what my outline looked like! It is not perfect by any means but the final result looks great, nonetheless.

Next, you'll want to choose two colors for the 'tie dye' part. It is best to choose two colors that are similar and could be mixed together really well, but not too similar that you couldn't tell the difference between them when they are blended. Make sense?
Other great combos would be: yellow and green, pink and purple, yellow and orange, pink and orange, blue and yellow.


This is such a fun step! Next, take each of your colors and 'scribble' them in random shapes and patterns across your letters. You don't have to be careful! I certainly wasn't....that stuff got everywhere. But I loved doing it!


For this step, I think you'll definitely want to use a waterbrush, BUT a paintbrush and some water could also work. All you need to do here is blend the colors together using your waterbrush until the colors resemble a blended, tie dye type of texture.


And Voila! You're done!! How easy was that? 


I for real can't get over how great this looks. Even all the messy areas where I clearly got out of the lines look really great, and help emphasize the tie-dye look!


You can check out Brittany's website here, where you can also read her awesome blog, buy her practice sheets, and follow her around on the internet!