Photo Diary: Santa Fe, NM

A sweet little collection of photos from my summer stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico


It is a map of the roadtrip I shall embark on sometime within the next 24 hours!

The cute little Pontiac Vibe (thanks again for letting us use it, Hannah) is going to take us from our starting point: Santa Fe, NM, to the following places:
1. The Grand Canyon (Arizona)
2. The Four Corners
3. Denver, CO
4. Mount Rushmore/The Black Hills (South Dakota)
5. St. Louis, MO
6. Madisonville, KY
7. HOME (Greensburg, KY)

All in all, this trip will take anywhere from 4 days to a week, depending on how long we spend in each spot (we are sort of on a deadline). The total driving time equals
42. Hours. 
(UMMM, we may need prayers)...plenty of time for us to get through "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" approximately 84 times. 
Believe it or not, the longest leg of the journey is from Santa Fe to the Grand Canyon: a 12 hour drive. But, I know it will be beyond worth it.
As the very wise Brenda Hall told me a few weeks ago:
"I don't use the word 'awesome' often, because God is Awesome and the Grand Canyon is awesome."
Since then, I've not only become more excited for the Big Ol' GC, but I've reduced my usage of the word 'awesome' by half. 

See y'all next week from, SOMEWHERE, U.S.A.!