Southern Belle Glitz

Hello and TGIF! I am in a rush today, folks. I've got a little bit of everything going on right now, but I simply REFUSE to miss a Friday blog post. SO! In honor of Miss Kentucky 2014 Orientation taking place THIS weekend I am taking this opportunity to thank one of my incredible sponsors, Southern Belle Glitz.

Natalie (the owner of this fabulous online jewelry store) and I got to know each other through my various purchases from her collection. My first purchase was and is my all-time favorite: the Kentucky state necklace (that I have been known to wear...well, every day of the week).

Knowing that my fellow Miss KY competitors are always on the hunt for affordable, stylish jewelry, I asked Natalie if she would like to place an ad in the 2014 Miss KY program book and...

This lucky lady right here got to spend a whole Sunday with the adorable  Natalie and her talented friends, Brandi and Kayla. Brandi Scarborough of BrandiKristinaPhotography was absolutely amazing behind the camera...she captured Natalie's vision of a full stylized glamour shoot perfectly. Kayla Jackson of TieTheKnotHair made me feel like a real live doll--I was in LOVE with the up-do (seen below) she whipped up out of thin air.

Here are a few (can you believe this isn't even half?) of Natalie and Brandi's favorite photos from our shoot. All jewelry seen below is from the Southern Belle Glitz collection. is the ad that will appear in the program book!

There aren't enough ways to say thank you to Natalie, Brandi, and Kayla for the time they have invested in me. Each piece of jewelry I wear this weekend and during the week of Miss Kentucky will be from Southern Belle Glitz. Not only can you find statement pieces and other eye-catchers at SBG, but there are plenty of simple (but sassy) pieces that are perfect for a more understated look. 



And.....because I had to post at least one real photo of myself. :-D

I've GOT to go. I'm off to Lexington for a weekend of busy, busy, busy pre-Miss KY activities. We're on the homestretch now, folks....the big show is only 6 weeks away.

I'll see y'all next Friday!