Happiness is a Cold Spring

The first time I visited Cold Spring, New York, Daniel had just proposed and it was covered in snow. It was so perfect, quiet, and quaint that we promised to come back in the warmer months.


And the Metro North. The MNR is a really great thing. If you're not a fan of the constant noise, pollution, and the 'pleasant smells' of an NYC Summer, you can easily get out of the city for less than $20. The Hudson Line, one of five Metro North Lines, runs along the Hudson River and stops at the various towns on the waterfront. It's a pleasant ride with a relaxing view, and there are no pan-handlers, pole-dancers (the subway kind), or man-spreaders. Cold Spring is a quick 90 minutes outside the city, but it feels like a world away.

The best thing about this little--I mean, tiny--village, is the view.

The next best thing is downtown, although I will admit there's not a ton of stuff to do. When we dragged our new roommate along, I made sure to ask "Do you like antiques?" like 3 times. If she hadn't replied 'yes' each time, we would have had to turn the train around and leave her at home because antiquing is a way of life in Cold Spring. There are literally 20 antique shops in less than a mile stretch. I like to live it up on my 3.5 day weekends.

But it's worth it to be surrounded by such "quaint-ness." It's almost ridiculous how adorable everything is. And, more than anything, it was nice just to sit on some grass and drown my worries in lemonade.



In other news, Autumn is fast-approaching.