SEPTEMBER 2019 / What I'm Working On

Per usual, the past few months flew by so quickly I blinked and they were gone! If you want to read about what I was working on in June (I know…I’m so behind!), check out my first ever ‘working on’ post, and then come back here to see an update and what new projects I have coming down the pipeline.

First up, an UPDATE: In my last ‘working on’ post, I mentioned that I hadn’t heard back from my publisher on whether or not my second book would be a ‘go.’ A week later, I heard! My manuscript is officially due in mid-November and the book is still set to be a Spring 2020 release. This month, I am hitting the ground running with book prep. First: nail down the table of contents and plot the projects for the book (list out all materials needed, purchase those materials, organize them by projects). After that’s done, I can book my photographer and set my dates to shoot the book. After shooting all the projects, I choose photos, get them back from my photographer, and I write the text for, well, the entire book. I’m so so excited, but the thought of how it’s all going to get done is overwhelming. I hope to channel some of that overwhelm into a very positive ‘I got this’ attitude!

Farmer’s Market in Downtown Lexington

Farmer’s Market in Downtown Lexington

Also, we moved! And we’re still working on getting settled into our new place in our old-new town (I used to live here, but that was back in college but that feels like a different lifetime), being close to family and friends again, and learning how to balance life with my husband’s new job. We’ve been here for 7 weeks at this point (I seriously can’t believe it’s been that long already!) but, it still feels brand new. We’re enjoying it like it is, anyway. Lexington has grown so much since my college days—aka: become infinitely more hip—and we’ve been taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Thrifting my fall wardrobe: I have been following @artinthefind and @natalieborton for all my fall wardrobe inspiration! They have been posting IGTV videos about the summer to fall transition and it’s gotten me PUMPED! Of course, the search is on to find these pieces second-hand, which has so far proven to be a challenge, but I am not giving up. If you missed my inaugural post on thrifting and thrift tips, you can find it here.

A couple of things on my to-find list:

-Cream cable-knit sweater
-Sweater blazer (camel or leopard — this is the only item I will buy if I can’t find. J. Crew has a beautiful one)
-Chambray Top
-Heavier knit tanks for layering under cardigans and sweaters
-Cardigans, duster, sweater (you know, all the Fall staples!)
-Ankle-length denim skinny jeans

Wish me luck!

Kiley in Kentucky x May Designs Notebook.jpg

Becoming a more organized person. I never thought this was something I could actively work on, but here we are. I’ve been using my favorite notebook from my collection with May Designs (check out with one I prefer in this IGTV video) to keep my daily priorities organized and I’m finding my groove in what makes sense for me day-to-day. I still love Trello for big-picture ideas in my business and Google Calendar to keep all my dates organized. But, the nitty gritty day-to-day stuff is really important, and I’ve been doing infinitely better at delegating myself!


Last up for this month, I am working on a long list of ideas. Ideas for classes, blog posts, projects, IGTV videos—anything that pops into my head and makes me excited even just for the three seconds it takes to write down. After experiencing a really long creative rut, it feels so good to be full of ideas again. They are not all winners, but I feel like I’m winning anyway!

What are you working on this month? Leave me a comment and share 1 or 5 things you’re working on!