Road Map DIY Feat. Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive

Hey everyone! This week I have a non-lettering related DIY for ya, and I REALLY love how it turned out! 

Having recently gotten married and moved into my first home with my husband, I guess you could say I'm 'nesting.' I am super into decorating our little apartment and personalizing it to our style, and my husband isn't shy about it either. We are both so happy to have our own place, having ONLY lived with parents or multiple roommates our entire lives!

Although we have both collected a lot of artwork over the years (and I have a very large inventory of gold foil prints in my office), we still have a lot of blank space on our walls, waiting to be filled with the perfect piece. 

When decorating, we have both looked for a 'theme' that fits us perfectly. So far, we've settled on the theme of the places we have lived previously. My husband and I both grew up in a small town in Central Kentucky. We lived in New York City together for a couple of years, and now we are in Southern Illinois. Three VERY different places, with their own unique styles. So, how do we mesh them together cohesively? 

So far, we have only a few location-specific pieces in our home. They are all humongous poster-sized framed pieces of art that represent both Kentucky and New York. Our next step in representing our "homes" is with this DIY!

For this project, you'll need:

  • Road Atlas or Map (I got mine at Wal-Mart, but Barnes and Noble has an excellent selection)
  • 1 White Foam Sheet (34 cents at the Wal-Mart!)
  • 1 Piece of Cardstock, cut to framing size. Mine is 8x10
  • Ruler
  • Pencil (I used this one)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive! (I used this one....I'll talk about why in just a second!)

The first step is to pick out the map pages you'll be using in your DIY. This will be different for everyone, I'm sure! 

Also, when choosing my Atlas, I chose based on the color scheme of the map. Some maps were very basic, black and white maps. But, I liked the colors of this one! Very stereotypical 'road map' colors. LOL THE THINGS I THINK ABOUT.

Next, I sketched out a rough guideline on my cardstock. I want all my elements to be focused within this square! 

After that, I cut out three foam pieces and placed them evenly within the guideline. 

Why foam pieces? I've been watching too many scrapbooking and card-making YouTube Videos! Foam pieces are often used in card-making when the maker wants to add dimension. In this case, I want my map pieces to pop off the page a bit, so I'm placing some foam pieces behind them to bring them off the page! Foam pieces are super cheap and easy to find at any store with a craft section. 

Now, I'm ready to figure out the map situation. I stuck my pencil through the center (kind of, I eye-balled it) of this foam piece, then stuck the hole over the location I want to be in the center of my map piece. In this case, I placed my hole over Carbondale, so it can be centered. I then traced around the foam piece in pencil, and cut out the square. 

I repeated that process for all three locations. I had to get creative with the middle piece, NYC, because it was so awkwardly placed on the map! I wanted each piece to be the same size and shape, but sadly, I couldn't achieve that if I wanted to highlight New York! Oh looked okay in the end!

Now it's time to adhere my map pieces to the foam pieces. For this step, I'm using the Mono Permanent Adhesive. I LOVE THIS.  When Tombow sent me this tool, I felt like all my secret card-making dreams had come true! I see so many card-makers use this type of tool in their art, and I have always thought "well that looks SUPER EASY and NOT MESSY!" 

What I love most about this tool is that it is a One and Done kind of deal! It works just like a white-out runner, but is ten times easier to use. It applies a super sticky adhesive, similar to a thin tape, with a little applied pressure. One of the trademarks of this product is that it applies adhesive as soon as you lay it on your surface. No guesswork involved! Another aspect of this product I love is that it is not fussy! Glue and tape can be very delicate and messy to work with...this adhesive runner makes the whole process simple as pie!

You can barely see where the adhesive has been applied there on the foam piece. 

 (Sorry guys---this is a weird angle! I thought I got a better photo of this.)

(Sorry guys---this is a weird angle! I thought I got a better photo of this.)

Next, I knew I wanted to add a 'sentiment' to my project. Instead of the usual "Home is where I'm with you" (which is true), I wanted to be different, and maybe more dramatic LOL, and decided on "I would be lost without you." I typed the message out in a couple of varying sizes in a font I liked for the map-theme. I printed them out to see which would fit best!

Once I decided on a size, of course, I had to foil it! I just can't help myself. Plus, the black was a little dull! It needed some sparkle!

Once I had my sentiment foiled and cut, I want to give it dimension with more foam pieces. I want my sentiment to pop up even further than the map pieces, so I'm doubling up on foam! I cut out 6 of the same sized foam pieces, and will use the adhesive to stack the pairs together, creating twice the lift. 

Even though these pieces of foam were small and delicate, the adhesive runner made this process SO stinkin' easy!

Now that I've got everything positioned, it is time to erase all my pencil lines, and adhere all the elements to the cardstock! Then, I'll be DONE and ready to frame this baby!

I haven't decided just where I'm going to hang this one. I haven't actually shown it to my husband either...but I think he will love it! What do you think? 

For now, it looks great in my little office. 

I hope you have enjoyed a change of pace this week! I certainly did. I'll be back next week with another hand-lettering tutorial!

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