3 Pumpkin Styles in Procreate - Easy Tutorial

Happy October! With Autumn being my favorite time of year, it’s no surprised I’m inspired by all the colors and scenery and traditions we get to partake in throughout the season.

Last year, I was inspired to share my Watercolor Pumpkin Tutorial that will change the game in creating the CUTEST little watercolor gourds. This year, I decided to take my pumpkin skills over to Procreate and show you all 3 easy but SUPER CUTE pumpkin styles that will impress and inspire as your friends!

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

Before you continue on this blog post, there is a full video tutorial on my IGTV Channel. You can watch it here! But, come back to this blog post for a full list of all the brushes used and some extra support if you want visuals outside of the video.


Each brush used throughout the tutorial is native to Procreate with the exception of the ‘Textured Ink Brush.’ You can find that one in My Favorite Brush Pack. However, feel free to use any brushes you want.


This is my fool-proof trick for creating a cute pumpkin!

And here is some more inspiration using the same pumpkins I create in the video tutorial. Creating simple patterns and adding backgrounds or lettering takes an extra 10-20 minutes but makes a huge difference!

This is my all time favorite!

This is my all time favorite!

Let me know which one you like best! I hope you’ll be making these for yourself on Procreate. Let me know below what you plan to do with your designs!