The Best Hobby Ever: How Podcasting Changed My Business

The day I discovered the world of podcasts hosted by creative entrepreneurs....

OMG, my world was cracked wide open.

I felt like I had finally found my little tribe of people that just got me. They understood me. They were talking about all the things my friends and family didn't understand. I was soaking up all the information I could, and discovering more and more of the same podcasts that kept my desire to run my own business invigorated and my creativity fueled. 

As time went on, and I got into the thick of running my business, I discovered that I was only listening to podcasts run by 'experts' or very successful entrepreneurs. There weren't many shows out there hosted by beginners, talking from the perspective of beginners, and I felt like I could fill that gap perfectly. I knew I had a lot to say, because I was always talking back at podcasts anyway (LOL, I'm that person), but I didn't want to go it alone. So I enlisted my business BFF and accountability partner, and together, we launched The Misses Ambitious Podcast in mid-March of 2017.

I hope you'll take a chance to listen to an episode of Misses Ambitious, because I'm not here to tell you about the podcast. I'm here to tell you how it has changed my business completely. 

Hosting this show is truly a passion project. My co-host, Blaine, and I do not make any money from it *yet* and we spend hours every week recording, editing, and marketing the show. We get excited about it. We love it. And it has become the thing I look most forward to every week. I never thought that this 'hobby' would affect my business the way it has, but I couldn't be more excited at the changes I've seen, and I want to share them with you. I'm in NO WAY saying you need to start a podcast. Quite the opposite. I'm saying, maybe you should go out and do the thing you're wanting to do; that thing that brings you a whole bunch of joy...because taking that leap and starting something completely from scratch could be just the thing you need to see growth within yourself that will positively impact your business. 

How podcasting changed my business:

  • I have more confidence. Podcasting is not for the faint of heart. If you don't like to talk (or hear yourself talk, LOL), you will probably not like hosting a podcast. I used to think I could never do something like this, but since taking this on, I have more confidence than ever when it comes to putting myself out there, meeting new people, striking up conversations, and making meaningful connections with others in my industry. 
  • I have given my business more exposure. In collaborating with my co-host, we have given new exposure to our business by bringing on our individual audiences. In addition to that, we've gained a completely new set of people listening to us thanks to Instagram and word-of-mouth. Since starting the podcast, I've seen more opportunities open up in my business, and have gained a lot of momentum in just the past 2 months.
  • My Productivity Has Skyrocketed! Now, I don't know if it's because I have a person to be accountable to, or an entire audience, but I'm just so much more motivated, productive, efficient with my time, and getting more things done every single day. 
  • I'm more motivated to launch those other projects I've been dreaming about. Podcasting used to be a dream of mine, and now that it's a reality, I want to explore the others dreams I have on my list of 'someday.' Now that I've seen what amazing effects this podcast has had on me, and my business, I'm so much more excited to launch more projects with confidence. 

How does any of this relate to you?

It's not everyone's secret dream to host a podcast, but that doesn't matter. Everyone has that secret dream. And whether you're holding back because of fear, financial status, or whatever, I encourage you to find a way to make it work. Even if you have to slowly introduce the idea into your current lifestyle, or slowly bring the idea to life over the course of months or years, I truly believe the benefits of chasing that secret dream outweigh the fear and anxiety. 

The things I have gained from my podcast adventure: confidence, momentum, productivity, motivation...those are invaluable. Even though I have not yet profited off this new endeavor, I can, in no way, put a price on the those things, and how they've impacted my business. 

Do you have a favorite podcast? Do you host a podcast? Let me know in the comments below. I want to hear your suggestions!