My Lettering + Blog LIFESAVER: The Photojojo Foldio 2

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If you have never visited Photojojo, I'll pause for a moment while you go ahead and do that. Blogger, artist, photographer, or NOT, you will L.O.V.E. their products. They have some super fun, super creative, and super affordable mobile accessories up for grabs that I think absolutely anyone would love. 

My mom first purchased an item from them in early 2015 (I think) and she raved about how cool all their products were! So, when Christmas season rolled around and I began to think of things I wanted but could also use, I headed straight to Photojojo. 

It was there that I discovered the Foldio 2. To say that this product has changed the game for me is an understatement. A mini, portable light studio (built-in LED's I tell you!) that folds up and fits perfectly underneath my has easily become my most used and couldn't-live-without blogging item. 

The Foldio 2 comes with 4 backdrops to use inside the mini studio. I have only explored the white backdrop (as seen below), but I know you can download the Foldio App for use with the green backdrop to create your own greenscreen....which is SO cool and I am definitely going to try that out. (I'll let you know when I do)

You can also insert any cloth or paper of your choice inside the Foldio to create your own, custom look and feel. Imagine the possibilities! 

Photojojo also puts a little dinosaur in every package! Such a fun touch.

This is what it looks like in action!
And below, I took some example "blog" photos so you can see how amazing the lighting is!

So, like the title said, this product is my lettering and blog LIFESAVER. For Girl-ish, for my Instagram feed, and this very blog, I do a lot of behind-the-camera work. Natural light is always preferable when trying to capture a high quality image or video, and that is something I am missing out on between a 9-5 job and limited window access in my NYC apartment. The Foldio 2 allows me to take photos or videos at any time of the day, in any room in my house, and guarantee professional lighting. That. Is. Magical.

If you are a blogger, artist, Etsy seller, or even someone who just really loves to take photos of your food, this product could become your new best friend!