1 Brush Pen, 3 Lettering Styles: Medium-to-Advanced Brush Lettering Tutorial

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Hey y'all! This week, I want to talk a little about digging myself out of a lettering rut. For at least a month now, I've been feeling very unsatisfied and bored with my lettering style! I haven't looked forward to sitting down to letter or create new pieces for my shop, because I am starting to feel like a one-trick pony. I always reach for the same pens, time and time again, and I always go through the same motions in creating my letters. 

Enough! It's time for a change, guys. If I can't update or expand upon my style, I can't really consider myself a lettering artist. Having range is extremely important to me, so range is what you're gonna get in this blog post!

At first, I thought I would get some new, different pens to change things up. But, after a little thought on this topic, I came to the conclusion that I don't want or need to buy new tools to explore different styles. I can create different styles with just ONE pen....the same pen I reach for almost every single day: the Fudenosuke Soft Nib. 

My big epiphany of the week was discovering three varied styles I can create pretty easily with the same pen, simply using a different range of motion for each. These three styles are SUPER simple, and probably very recognizable to you already. But, in case you aren't sure how to change up your lettering, I'll show you some of the tricks I've been using. Let's get started! 

1. Bouncy Script Lettering

For Bouncy Script Lettering, I like to imagine a bouncing ball, upside down!

The best way to think about it is: alternate between big and small letters! 
It's also helpful to draw the bouncing ball pattern beneath your letters as a guideline. This technique definitely requires some practice, as it's not our 'natural' inclination when lettering. I invite you to explore this technique and see how you can put your personal spin on it! 

The possibilities of variation with this technique are endless! Here is my real-life portrayal of the Bouncy Script Lettering Technique!

2. Fancy Script Lettering 

For this technique, I simply elongate the 'connector' of each letter to create a more 'traditionally calligraphic' feel. Here's what I mean in a little photo (because I know that wasn't a very helpful explanation LOL): 

The technique also leaves room for variation, depending on how drastically you elongate your connectors! This technique would be lovely for lettering invitations, adding a little fanciness to an envelope, or lettering a poem. 

3. Tall & Skinny Script Lettering

This third and final technique is the one that comes easiest to me! For this technique, I visualize this: 

Whenever I want to letter in this style, I will sometimes warm-up by making that pointy-squiggly line with my brush pen. Essentially, I want to imitate that kind of movement with my pen as I am lettering. However, if visualizing that kind of motion isn't quite working for you, think about smushing your letters up close together and then stretching them out! When you get the hang of it, this technique is so much fun! And, you can move really fast :) 

Alright! It's as simple as that! 

It's kind of crazy how different shapes and motions can inspire different lettering styles. What are some of your tricks for changing things up when you fall into a lettering rut? Tell me in the comments below!

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