Imperfect Office Tour

Happy FriYAY, everyone! This week, I finally got enough free time to straighten up my office and take some (slightly fuzzy) photos of my happy place. 

As some of you know, my husband and I recently moved into our first little 'home' together. When we were apartment hunting, a big deciding factor was having an extra bedroom that could be used as an office space for me. The day we toured this specific apartment, I entered this second bedroom, took in all the natural light--the gorgeous blank canvas of this spacious room, and I knew it would be just the spot for my business to grow. Read (or skip) to the end to find out why I'm calling this the 'Imperfect' Office Tour.

Since I began lettering, I have slowly been collecting decorative items for my 'future home office.' I think I always knew, from the moment I sold my first commission, that hand-lettering and graphic design would become my job...just a matter of 'when,' really. Needless to say, thanks to living in New York City, I had the odds and ends covered! What I didn't have covered was furniture. 

Yes, I'm watching 'The Office' while photographing and writing about my office. It seemed fitting!

Yes, I'm watching 'The Office' while photographing and writing about my office. It seemed fitting!

A few weeks prior to moving in, I began collecting used furniture and painting it white. The desk you see here came from my in-laws. It was red before I painted it! You may also notice that it is sitting on stilts ;) That's because the PERFECT chair I found at TJ Maxx was just a little too tall for the desk. Thanks to my husband for the quick fix....maybe one day I will invest in a new desk. For now, I'm content to spend the extra money on supplies for my growing business!

This dresser had been in my childhood home since I can remember! It was originally brown--and still really nice-looking, but I painted it white, and spray-painted the hardware a gorgeous rose gold to better suit my tastes. This dresser is so functional! Each drawer holds a different set of supplies. 

Top Drawer: Shipping Supplies (mailers, cellophane bags, information cards, labels)
Second Drawer: The two papers I use most....Heavy-weight cardstock and copy paper.
Third Drawer: All the other papers I have :-D Watercolor, Bristol, Tracing Paper, Etc
Fourth/Bottom Drawer: Odds and Ends used for props....full to the brim!

My favorite part of my office: peg boards! Peg boards are seriously the most affordable storage solution, like, EVER! I HATE putting holes in the wall, so my husband hung these up with Command Strips (honestly, this is just an advertisement for how legit Command Strips are), and I began decorating my peg boards to be both functional, and nice to look at. 

Ignore the fuzz; focus on the stuff.

The things I use the most are always right at arm's reach!

Why do I have two computers set up? The MacBook is my main computer, and I use a VGA Adapter to double my screen space. By connecting my laptop to the larger HP Monitor, I can drag documents, programs, tabs, etc between the screens, allowing me to stream lots of Netflix while working in Illustrator (hehe, but REALLY). In all seriousness, having the larger screen is a GIFT when working on detailed pieces in Illustrator, or editing photos. In the next year, I want to upgrade my MacBook to an iMac so I can have twice the storage and screen space! 

It isn't perfect by any means, but it is MINE and I'm in lurve.

So, as I mentioned, this is a really spacious room! My office area takes up less than half of the room! The other half is a joint music area for my husband and me.

We haven't gotten around to hanging these prints on the wall, but they will be a lovely addition above my keyboard. This full-sized keyboard has been with me since Freshman year of college when it took up an unreasonable amount of space in my tiny dorm room :) 

That door to the left of the piano leads into a huge closet. My husband and I both use that closet for is dark and not very exciting....otherwise I would show it to you! But, it holds more of my art supplies, lots of art books, and all the important things I need to keep organized for tax season!

Lastly, we have my work table! This table folds out into a really large surface that I use when printing, foiling, and packaging my Etsy orders! This table is also where I take photos and videos for Instagram. The natural light that comes in from the window is unbelievable! 

Now that the official tour is over, I want to share about why I called this the 'Imperfect' Office Tour.

First of all, I'm a Pinterest junkie, so I'm definitely not knocking Pinterest. But, before having my own office, I had pinned so many perfect, pristine office images that were so unrealistic for my budget and for my actual office needs. But, actually moving into my own office, and setting it up to be functional and inspirational, has taught me that my perfect office may indeed never exist! I mean, my desk is on stilts and my peg boards are hanging by command strips. More than anything, I just want to say that I'm perfectly happy with my imperfect office because it reminds me to keep it real, stay grounded, and not let my 'vision' get in the way of my reality. In the future, I'll continue to grow my office, grow my supplies, grow my technology...but for now, I have everything I need, and I feel so lucky!

Do you have a home office, or are you still in the dreaming phase? I would love to see photos of your home office! Share them with me on Instagram by tagging me