The One Question I Get the Most | FREE Flat Lay Ebook

Free Ebook on Intro to Flay Lay Photography with iPhone by Kiley in Kentucky

Hey y'all! Today on the blog, we're getting down to biz-niss.

I get asked a LOT of questions, which is totally fine by me. Most of the time, I'm asking you to ask me questions. So it's all good. 

The reason I do this is so I can give you the best, most informative content I possibly can. It's incredibly helpful to me when y'all ask me questions because it helps me know:

  • What's on your mind
  • What problems you're facing with your lettering
  • What I can do to help you

For at least a year now, there's one question I've been getting consistently.

What is your process for taking photos? (Of your lettering, for your blog, etc)

I love this question because I also had the same question about 2 years ago when I began lettering. I was struggling to take a decent photo of my work to save my life!! They were AWFUL... here's proof.

TO BE FAIR: my lettering style hadn't yet blossomed, and I had not yet heard of the brush pen. But, still, these photos are pretty sub-par. 

Even when I discovered the brush pen a few months later, and my lettering suddenly improved by 109328% (seriously, I was made for the brush pen), my photos weren't great.

I mean, what is that blush-colored tracing paper?! And that chartreuse tape? It's actually butter yellow in real life, and blush tracing paper doesn't exist (though I totally wish it did). My photo skills were way off, y'all. And that's fine.

Well, it wasn't totally fine. When I was working to get my lettering business off the ground, it truly didn't matter how good my content was, how amazing my logo was, or how fancy my lettering was. If my pictures didn't reflect the high-quality information and/or product I was capable of giving them, I was doomed. My audience wasn't growing, my blog views were few and far between, and my Etsy views were stagnant, y'all. #twasnotgood

Honestly, I wish I could say there was a magical quick fix. I wish I could say "then I discovered this course" or "this blog post that changed everything!" 

But I can't! There was no course or blog post. There was only months of trial and error and experimenting with how to take photos that represent my voice, my brand, my products, and my knowledge. It was a struggle, but there is good news. Such good news.

It happened!

I did it all with my iPhone and a few iPhone editing apps. 

Now my social media, my website, and my Etsy Shop (when it was still open!) were full of photos that reflected the TRUE look, feel, and personality of my work! And I did it all without a fancy DSLR camera. 

You might be thinking "I don't have an iPhone."

That's fine! I am using the word iPhone because that is what I have, and have always had. I do not know about other smartphones. However, if you have a newer model of a smartphone, with a decent camera, and have in-phone editing apps available to download in your phone's store, you are good to go. The ebook is mostly about setting up the photo and using natural light...not about how to actually use an iPhone camera.

I've also honed in on my flat lay iPhone photography skills and been able to take almost all of the flat lay photos for the podcast I co-host with my business bestie, Misses Ambitious.

If you think that photo looks like it came from a device other than my iPhone 6, you're wrong! 

So, what did I learn after months and months of trial and error and testing different editing apps, figuring out the secrets of the iPhone, and mastering the hunt for the perfect natural light?

Well, I'll tell you! Soon.
Because I want to be 100% open with y'all, I want you to know that I'm working on the BEST, most info-packed course on iPhone photography right now. But until that's ready to go, I wanted to give you a FREE guide on flat lay photography. 

This 7 page e-book is full of tips and tricks I use for taking better photos, and examples that highlight how you can up your photo game as well! 

What's even better about this e-book (AND what will be amazing about this course) is that I am working with a professional photographer to guarantee the information I am giving you is correct. I'm not making up any fancy terms here---I've learned them from a pro. And this pro approves of this e-book!

To get access to the e-book, simply click this box and sign up for my mailing list, where you'll get even more iPhone photography tips and updates on my upcoming course! Once you're signed up, you'll get full access to this free guide, and I know you're going to love it.

I am so excited to share this awesome news with y'all, if for no other reason than to talk about something I'm oddly passionate about: iPhone photography. 

It's just one of those things that makes sense for us online business owners who are already doing it all. We don't necessarily have the time to learn REAL photography, not do we have the finances. Most of us have a smart phone, though. And that is why this course will be so freakin' amazing. 

If you have any questions about the upcoming course or the e-book, please leave them in the comments or contact me directly here. I can't wait to connect with y'all, and show you what I've been working on!