Monoline Lettering On Glass! (Easy Lettering Tutorial)

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GET READY, Y'ALL. This tutorial is SO stinkin' easy I can't even contain myself. 
It's so easy's monoline lettering. 

For anyone that's new here (first of all, hey girl hey), monoline lettering is the easiest of all the lettering forms. Because it's literally just a prettier version of your own handwriting. No thickened downstrokes, no trying to use a brush pen, no embellishments...nope. None. Just writing.

Best of all, there's really nothing to completing this project except for some mad tracing skills, which I know we've all got!!!

Lastly, the finished result is so chic, so impressive looking, and such a statement piece. I posted a photo of this on my Instagram last week, and so many people were texting or messaging me, asking if I could do something similar for a wedding or bridal shower. So, this tutorial will really get you some commissions if that's your thing!

Are you ready to get started?

The materials you'll need are very minimal! 
-1 Piece of glass (size of your choice!) I am using a 9x12 piece from an old picture frame. 
-1 Pencil
-1 Sheet of Paper
-1 Brush Pen or Dark Ink Pen of Your Choice (You could use a black Sharpie)
-Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen in White (You could use either Medium or Fine Tip)

Begin by sketching your quote or design on a sheet of paper. 

Because I'm lettering on a large piece of glass, I'm using the entire sheet of paper. If you're lettering on a 5x7 or other size piece of glass, you'll want to trim your paper down to a size that fits your glass.

Maybe the best part about this tutorial is truly how crazy your pencil sketch can get! Look at that disaster! I'm pretty sure only I could ever understand what is supposed to go where...but hey, it's my process and it works for me! No one is going to see your pencil sketch except you, so don't fuss too much over it.


Guess what? This part of the process doesn't have to be perfect either! YAY!
I traced my pencil sketch with my trust black Dual Brush Pen because I had every intention of doing 'faux-calligraphy.' As you know, I'm about to change my mind :)

You could absolutely use a regular black Sharpie for this portion of the tutorial if you are planning to do monoline lettering.


Once you're happy with your design, place your paper beneath the sheet of glass and position your design where you want it to appear on the glass surface.

Begin tracing! So easy! 

My only suggestion here is to go S-L-O-W and take your sweet, sweet time. Even though you have to pump these pens to get the juices flowing, I actually didn't need to 're-juice' for the entire piece. Isn't that awesome?

And it is COMPLETE!

wHAt?1?1?!?! Yes. I said complete. Done. Finished. 
This baby is ready for a wedding, a picture frame, a gift bag... a store window! The possibilities are truly endless with this crazy easy DIY that will fool EVERYONE into thinking you're some sort of lettering-pinterest-guru-goddess. Which, maybe you are, idk?!


I'll be putting this bad boy on my new bookshelf in my office. I'm currently redecorating my entire office, and I can't wait to show you the photos of where this guy is going when I am able to put all my decor in place! So exciting!