First Impressions: The New Mono Drawing Pens by Tombow USA

Tombow Mono Drawing Pen Review by Kiley in Kentucky

I always love getting packages from Tombow USA! As a brand ambassador, I am so LUCKY and #thankful to get the chance to try their newest products, and review them here on my blog, and this package was no different!

This past week, they rolled out their newest product, The Mono Drawing Pens. To say I was PUMPED would be an understatement. I've been exploring other mediums besides ink lately (you can see a taste of that here), and I knew these pens would be a fabulous addition to that medium. But more on that in a future blog's my first impression on the Mono Drawing Pens!

Tombow USA Mono Drawing Pen Review by Kiley in Kentucky

The pens come in a pack of 3, with various nib variations that can all serve a unique purpose. The nib sizes are 01, 03, and 05. 01 is a teeny-tiny little bib and 05 is the largest of the three. 

This pack of pens is comparable to Microns in both feel and price-point (depending where you buy them), but after a week of playing with the Tombow Mono Drawing pens, I'm definitely a fan!

Here's why!

Tombow USA Mono Drawing Pen Review by Kiley in Kentucky

The 01 Nib is my hands-down favorite! I've reached for this one the most to add details to the watercolor drawings and Dual Brush Pen doodles I like to do for fun.

Here's an example of a watercolor doodle that absolutely 'popped' after I added outlines with the 01 Mono Drawing Pen.

All in all, I say the 01 is my personal favorite pen because, as I get more into watercolor and illustration, I find that I love the delicate black lines I get from the 01 nib!

Tombow USA Mono Drawing Pen Review by Kiley in Kentucky

The 03 nib is the medium size, and I think it's most useful in lettering! The lines are a bit thicker than the 01, but not quite as bulky as the 05. This nib would be PERFECT for faux calligraphy, which I'm going to show you in a future blog post. I will link it here when it's posted!

Tombow USA Mono Drawing Pen Review by Kiley in Kentucky

Finally, the 05 nib is absolutely the best for drawing! I'm not much of a black ink artist, but I can totally see myself getting into it with this thick nib! This nib will be excellent in filling in areas of faux calligraphy, and for adding shading, cross-hatching, or other heavy, dramatic details to any doodles or traditional hand-lettering. 

I absolutely can't wait to show you more, and teach you all how to amp up your brush-lettering with these pens! For now, I hope you'll order some ASAP before they're gone. Word is spreadin' like wild fire ;)