Metallic Watercolor: First Impressions, Swatch, and Review!

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One of my recent obsessions has been watercolor...specifically, watercolors from Prima Marketing. Their adorable packaging always draws me in, and lucky enough for them (ha), their product totally lives up to the hype!

You've seen me use their regular watercolors in the past, but this week I'm using their Metallic Watercolors. 


The Metallic Accents set comes with 12 beautiful, shimmering metallic watercolors.

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Photo by

In order to see the colors in action, I suggest watching the video below, BUT, here are my key takeaways after testing this product.

-These watercolors are slightly gritty, but I imagine most, if not all, metallic watercolors are a bit gritty by nature due to glitter or shimmer added to the colors.
-These are pretty sheer, but buildable, and complete opacity can be achieved.
-Some of the colors are VERY similar to one another---the Copper and Red colors are almost identical.
-I've never used another metallic watercolor brand, so I cannot compare. Hopefully I can in the future!

Another product I was excited to test this week is the Pigma Brush Pen by Sakura. This pen is MY NEW JAM. 

What drew me in about the Pigma Brush pen is that it can be used on watercolor paper and the tip won't be damaged! The tip is also pretty darn flexible, which makes it the perfect 'medium' brush pen inbetween my favorites, the Fudenosuke Soft Tip and the Dual Brush Pen!

Have you tried Metallic Watercolors? Have you tried the Pigma Brush Pen? I'd love to know your thoughts on both...leave them in the comments below!

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