Kiley's Favorite Things: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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It's my favorite time of year: the time when I get to stuff my face and support my favorite local and small businesses with all the excitement and Holiday cheer I can muster up!
I'm totally channeling Oprah and calling this Kiley's Favorite Things BUT...this year, I put out a call for YOU to suggest or nominate a small business or a handmade product that you want the world (or at least my blog readers) to know didn't disappoint! So, consider this a mix of my and your favorite things.
Get ready for SUCH an extensive shopping guide that you could probably knock every single gift you need to get off your list right now....and then buy something for yourself!

I've talked too much already....let's do this.

For the lettering lover (or learner)...


I've always been a huge fangirl of Shelly Kim of @lettersbyshells, so it's no surprise that I would fall head over heels in love with her BRILLIANT step-by-step lettering cards. Anyone can learn Modern Calligraphy or Art Deco Lettering with these beautiful, compact, and super useful tins full of instructional cards for each letter in the alphabet. This makes my list because, well, I've already purchased a set of both for a letterer in my life!

Get the Modern Calligraphy Set   |    Get the Art Deco Set

Second on my list is this beautiful book by my good friend Brittany Luiz. This year, I've been asked more than ever "what can I get so-and-so that loves there a book they could letter in?" And my answer has always been "there's this book by my friend!" Brittany's book, Lettering With Purpose, is perfect for anyone that wants to learn to letter, improve their lettering, and do it with...well, purpose! It's full of prompts and so much space for you to go crazy on the page! I can't recommend this one enough.

Get it here!

Other lettering books I highly recommend from fellow lettering friends:
Hand Lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta
The Ultimate Brush-Lettering Guide by Peggy Dean
Hand Lettering 101 by Chalkfulloflove

An In-Person Lettering Class With Yours Truly


Heck yes I included this! There's nothing more exciting to me than getting to meet you all! If you live in the Lexington, KY area, you need to save your seat at my next in-person Brush Lettering class. On Tuesday, December 12th, at 6:30PM, I'll be teaching lettering, and I want you to come...and bring a friend! Even if it's not your thing, you could consider giving a seat to the class as a gift to a friend or family member hoping to learn the art of brush lettering. In the past few weeks, I've had friends buy a class for a family member going through a rough time, and another person bought a class for an older family member. Such a thoughtful gift, and one that won't sit on the shelf for years to come! *Collect moments, not things*
Reserve A Seat Here

The most beautiful hand-lettered devotional

My good friend Lauren Ibach hand-lettered this devotional, pourING her absolute heart and soul into it. So, I ordered two copies! This book would make the P-E-R-F-E-C-T gift for you or a friend or family member.....really, for anyone in the entire world. You can get a copy (or five) right here.

For the coffee drinker or the mug collector...


This adorable mug by Mandy at A Heartened Calling >>> Get it Here.

This 'Wake Up and Create' Mug by Creative Biz Rebellion (Support one of my favorite podcasts!)

The mug that is BEGGING to be filled with hot cocoa by Andrea of Pretty in Ink Shop!

For when you need to sneak some alcohol in at the family one of my faves, Brim Papery!

For the gal (or guy) that loves a cute, comfy tee....

This tee is so special to me, for multiple reasons. One: it has my lettering on it. Two: It is the first piece of apparel my podcast co-host and I have designed and launched to support our show, Misses Ambitious. This t-shirt drops THIS Black Friday in our Etsy Shop so keep your eyes peeled and grab one of these limited edition shirts while you can!

More impossibly cute + motivating tees:

This one by Creative Biz Rebellion (gotta support a fellow podcast always + forever)
The CUTEST Find Joy Tee (ON SALE)

Little gifts that will mean the world...

 Photo by Amanda Kammarada

Photo by Amanda Kammarada

A personalized stamp by Hello World Paper Co.

Kelly at Hello World Paper Co. is the epitome of all the things I love about small business: Her business gives back on the reg, she works out of her home, supports fellow businesses, co-hosts an amazing podcast (I've already mentioned it twice in the post), and she brings joy and fun to STAMPS. Who KNEW?! Whether you want to gift a logo stamp, an address stamp to the newlywed couple you know, or the cutest Santa Stamp to bring extra magic to Christmas morning, Kelly is your girl! Check out her stamps here.


I wish there were no use for this keychain, but hopefully, if you have to give it, it will bring comfort and happiness to the recipient. Get it here.

For Your Sassiest Friend


This (True for Me) Tea Towel

Um, literally any one of these Emily McDowell Tote Bags.


Finally, the gift that keeps giving (potentially all year round).

 A monthly delivery of fun, encouraging snail mail designed to help you fail forward. 

A monthly delivery of fun, encouraging snail mail designed to help you fail forward. 

IT'S FAIL! MAIL, Y'ALL. Kristin, of The How to Fail! Podcast, is creating a movement in the creative community and you don't want to get left behind. Fail! Mail is the perfect gift to remind your favorite creative friend that failure is inevitable, and it can be totally fun--cathartic, even. This is a 'start-up,' if you will, so if you want to be the first in line to get the December delivery (and support one of my favorite people/podcasts), you can click here. And, if you're one of the first 25 to sign up, you'll get a pretty sweet print by yours truly!

Order Your Fail! Mail

 Photo by Tombow USA

Photo by Tombow USA

Rounding out the list, we have the BRAND NEW Tombow VIP Subscription box! This might be a #treatyoself moment, and that's totally fine! If you're a fan of Tombow products, you need to hop on this train and have the latest, greatest products sent to your door every month. 

Become A Tombow Vip

Shew, that's all my little heart (and wallet, let's be real) can handle for right now! If you're picking up any of these gifts for a friend, family member, or yourself, let me know in the comments! I will add to this list again before it gets too late to order in time for the holidays, so check back in about a week or so! 

I can't wait to see what you choose! <3

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