JUNE 2019 / What I'm Working On

Hello and happy June! I have been so inspired by a few of my internet favorites to talk a little more about what I’m ‘working on’ rather than showing perfectly edited photos of what is already finished. Two female business owners that do this beautifully and authentically (don’t even care if that’s an Instagram buzzword, it rings true for these women) are Ali Edwards (@aliedwards) and Elise Cripe (@elisejoy).

So, here we are! This is my first ever ‘Working On’ blog post. Here are the things I’m working on in my life, for my business, and for the sake of being creative and having fun.

Kiley in Kentucky Rainbow Glass Collection

I’ve started my rainbow glass collection, inspired by Elsie Larson’s breakfast nook and I can already tell this will be a slow-going endeavor. The hunt is part of the thrill, though! I always need an excuse to check out my local thrift and antique stores. I’m sure pieces will float in and float out as I build the collection, but I think our next place is going to look extra colorful :-p

Speaking of ‘our next place,’ I’m working on a major declutter in preparation for our move back to Kentucky in about 6 weeks. Thankfully, I’m not super sentimental. I can say goodbye to things pretty easily…Marie Kondo would be proud.

Kiley in Kentucky Punch Needle

I’m working on learning how to use a punch needle. I’ve wanted to learn FOREVER. I am so in love with the look of punch needle pillows, wall art, you name it. Learning has been rough. Thanks to Instagram and real life friends, I’ve gotten some amazing recommendations on what tools I should be using. Hint: quality tools matter a LOT in this craft endeavor. I am going to order the Oxford Punch Needle in a Size 10, get Monkscloth (from Jo-Ann! Apparently they have the best kind), and I just ordered the most amazing embroidery hoop from Auburn Hoops. Seriously, check those out if you find the standard embroidery hoop to be frustrating.

Every minute of the day it seems, I’m working on gathering ideas for my next book. My editor pitched the book idea over a month ago, but we’re still waiting to hear the final answer. As of now, if it’s a go, my manuscript (with all photos) would be due at the beginning of December for a Summer 2020 release. But I’ve already decided if my proposal isn’t accepted, I’m going to complete all these projects for my blog. And I’m just as excited about that prospect.

Warmer weather means I’m working on injecting more color and fun into my wardrobe. I use the sunny weather as an excuse, but let’s be real—I would dress like a rainbow year-round. To help me get the most out of my wardrobe, I’ve been laying out the next day’s outfit before bed. It feels like I’m taking care of ‘future' me’ every night and I like it.


Also working my way through a mile long list of sewing projects. I’ve officially been sewing for 6 months. There have been major peaks and low, low valleys as far as my confidence goes, but I am quickly learning how to choose fabrics I will actually enjoy wearing in terms of feel (soft and flowy FTW) and color and pattern. Pictured, I’m testing out the Ogden Cami as a dress from thrifted fabric. When I finish the test, I’ll make some adjustments and do it ‘for real’ with some pretty rust-colored rayon fabric. Hopefully I will get it finished in time to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary in Utah!


This is the Ogden Cami. It was the first thing I ever sewed that I actually want to wear, though it’s cotton, which is not the best for flowiness! This is such an easy pattern and great for a beginner. You can click here to buy the PDF pattern and print at home! To make this cami into a dress, you simply extend your fabric down to dress length. It can be short, knee-length, maxi, whatever you want. Super easy project and great for confidence-building.

Currently, I have a thrifted denim jacket sitting in a bucket of bleach water in my bathtub. This is my second time bleaching a denim jacket, and I think it’s the easiest project ever. My plans are to letter on this bleached jacket, add some iron-on appliques, and adorn with enamel pins from my maker friends. It’s going to be my ‘statement jacket’ that I wear to creative events, conferences, in-person workshops, etc. And I’m pumped. I’ll keep you updated and have a full breakdown on the process when it’s complete….lots of products to test out on this one.

Comment and tell me 1 or 5 things you’re working on right now!

See you next month with my July List, and hopefully some updates on this one!