12 Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons for Your Creative Business


I’ve been living for some digital art, lately.

Which has spawned this mile-long list of ideas I have for delivering some digital art resources and tutorials (and future Skillshare classes) for you! The convenience of creating art on my iPad Pro (using Procreate) has been invaluable during the busy holiday season of traveling, and generally just wanting to sit on the couch and watch Hallmark movies but also feeling inspired to doodle and letter.

My first foray into creating digital resources for y’all is a set of Instagram Stories Highlights Icons you can use for your artsy, creative Instagram. Whether you have a creative business, or you love posting your art, sharing recommendations, or literally WHATEVER, you are welcome to use these digital images as covers for your highlights.

Included in the pack are 6 neutral-toned images (blush and black) and 6 color versions. Mix ‘n match or use them all, it ain’t no thang! And in case you need some ideas of how you can get the most mileage from these digital files, here are some titles you could put with each of them:

-Leaf: Shop, Inspiration, Links, Resources, Random, My Life, Favorites, Workspace, Home

-Palette: Shop, Projects, Painting, Tutorials, Art

-Like Button: Links, Loves, Resources, Inspiration, Favorites, Reviews, Praise

-Computer: Shop, Blog, Tutorials, Classes, Contact, Website, Freebies

-Coffee Cup: Studio, Office, Workspace, Links, Favorites, Home, Shop, BTS (Behind the Scenes)

-Tools: Tools, Resources, Favorites, Tutorials, Projects, Art, Shop

I’ll admit I do not utilize the Highlights feature on my Instagram account like I should. However, I LOVE looking at other people’s highlights, and I’m especially entertained by seeing what cute icons my favorite artists use as highlight covers. If you’re loving these, I hope you’ll tag me when you use them on Insta and share the love! I’ve already put some of these up on my Instagram, and I think it will inspire me to freshen up my highlights and add to them a little bit more often!


Icky copyright disclaimer: You’re not permitted to use these digital files for any reason other than it’s intended use. Do not remove my logo, distort the illustrations, or claim them as your own! Give credit where it’s due, and we’re all good!

What would you like to see next? Tutorials, resources, links, recommendations? Let me know in the comments and I will do my best to deliver!


Kiley Bennett is the lettering artist, blogger, and teacher behind Kiley in Kentucky! Starting in 2015, Kiley in KY is a one-stop- shop for anyone learning the ropes of brush-lettering. Access everything from free work-sheets, super simple tutorials, to affordable self-paced online courses--all of which arecreated in Kiley’s home studio. 

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