4 Tricks for Better Brush Lettering with the Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip

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Hey y'all! Lately, I've been thinking video is a way more effective method of teaching you all my tips and tricks! So, that's what I decided to go with this week. 

Today, I'm sharing my Top 4 Tricks for better brush lettering (on the first try) with my all-time favorite pen, the Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip!

I encourage you to watch the video below, before scrolling down for a full list of supplies and some extra details on using these tricks effectively!


1. Re-trace Directly On Top of Your Initial Pencil Sketch

This is one of my tried and true methods for getting my lettering to fit together like little puzzle pieces. Like I mention in the video, I've been lettering for two years....don't get discouraged if this trick doesn't work for you, or if you takes you a bit longer to develop the 'second sense' for letter/word placement. It is something that truly comes with time, experience, and lots of experimentation!

2. Save your more troublesome strokes for last!

I'm always shaky from too much coffee consumption! Therefore, I save my more difficult strokes (usually upstrokes or elaborate tails on my y's and g's), until last. But what really makes this a 'trick' is that I turn my paper completely sideways or upside down, where I can still pull my pen in a downward motion. However, even though I'm technically making a 'downstroke,' I apply minimum pressure with my pen so that my stroke looks like a totally normal upstroke. No one knows but me :)

3. Use a Fine Liner to clean up rough edges

If the second trick doesn't quite work for you, that's fine! This one will solve that. Use a fine liner pen like a Micron or a Tombow Mono Drawing Pen to clean up your rough edges. Take your time doing this, though! Any wrong moves, and everyone might figure out your secret!

4. Get yourself an artist grade eraser!

This one is a game changer! As you can see, I like to letter directly on top of my sketch, as opposed to using a lightbox...even though I still use one of those too. But, I'm able to get such a clean final product by using an artist grade eraser when I'm ready to get rid of those pencil marks. A regular eraser just doesn't do the trick quite like one that is meant for artists! Trust me on this one....I have an 'Eraser Round-Up' here you can refer to if you need some suggestions.

Ok, y'all! That's it for this week. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these tricks, and whether or not they work for you. Do you have some tricks of your own? I want to hear about that, too!