Printable Spring Wall Art and Adult Coloring Page

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Printable Spring Wall Art and Coloring Page by Kiley in Kentucky.jpg

Today, I'm showing off a little wall art I created that actually doubles as an adult coloring page! What's better than some Spring-themed wall art that looks great as it is, or that you can splash some color on?


I'm turning these floral doodles I did into a digital art print using my iPad, and adding some color using the Tombow USA 1500 Colored Pencils.

Pick up  Modern Florals  here!

Pick up Modern Florals here!

First, let's talk florals.

The floral trend, or botanical line drawing, as it's known (thanks to Peggy Dean's awesome work/book) is all the rage right now. I couldn't help but jump in when I saw this book by Alli Koch, all about how to draw Modern Florals. I ordered it on Amazon in a spree of #treatyoself art supply shopping and I haven't regretted it. The step-by-step instructions in Alli's book have been so helpful in brining out my floral style! Can't recommend it enough. I'll be talking more about florals and my drawing style for them as we go into May.


I already had this big flower drawn on a piece of paper. I digitized it by tracing over it in Procreate!

I snapped a photo of my drawing on my iPad's camera, pulled it into Procreate, lowered the opacity, and am using the standard monoline brush setting to trace over the flower, creating the digital print. I finished by adding some lettering (using the standard brush pen). 

I saved that file as a JPG, e-mailed it to myself, and finalized the drawing in Adobe Illustrator so that it can be downloaded and printed as a PDF!


Now, to add some color. I was so excited to bust out my new colored pencils. This 36-color set is stunning, and the color payoff is incredible!

Colored pencils can be hit or miss for me, but these are very opaque and vibrant. That makes me a very happy artist!

I started with this blue-green color, placing it where I imagined some darker/shadowy areas would be. 

Next, I added a lighter green (L) and colored over allllll the green areas with this medium green (R). I am not an expert color-er by any means, but I think this gives it a lot of dimension. This is the same technique I use to color the rest of the flower!

And that's it! A nice, simple, relaxing project for me that I hope you will now enjoy in your home!

Tell me if you're going to print this and leave it as is, or add a little color just in time for Spring! I think it's a win/win either way!