50 Ways to Draw An "F" - Brush Lettering Practice + A Free Worksheet

Hey y'all! 

Moving forward with the 50 Ways Series, we have the letter 'F!' 

The Letter 'F' was less of a challenge than 'C,' my toughest one yet, but more of a challenge than 'E' for sure. It's just one of those letters that can easily begin to look weird and unrecognizable if you try to get too fancy with it! I hope I kept all of my 'Fs' recognizable, but I can't promise that they're all 'cute.' LOL there are certainly a few I wouldn't use, myself! 

I have absolutely been blown away by the reception of these worksheets! Since adding in the free worksheet, I've had so many kind comments and e-mails from lettering artists that have really found these helpful! It truly means the world to me to create something that another artist finds useful! If you post a photo or video of yourself using them, please tag me! I love to see the worksheets (and your lettering) in action!

If you would like to download all 26 worksheets, simply click here!