DIY Copper Clothes Rack (Easy + Dreamy)

Hey friends! I have a DIY for all you Anthropologie lovers out there.

I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen a copper clothing rack inside Anthropologie, but when I look at the final result of today’s blog post, I get complete Anthro vibes (on a Francesca’s budget…ya feel me?). This simple, gorgeous copper clothing rack cost me around $50 and takes around two hours of your time to put together (that includes shopping for parts). I don’t have a total breakdown of parts needed and instructions in this blog post, but you can find a lot of that info in this awesome blog post I found through Pinterest. Today, I’m sharing inspiration photos and my experience of how SIMPLE and easy this project was, and how it has totally changed the game for me in my sewing practice.


Since I got my beloved sewing machine for Christmas, I’ve been on a sewing binge. As I become more experienced, I hope to share more about the process of learning to sew clothing exclusively (without any prior sewing experience). However, this clothing rack is for anyone, sewist or not. Lacking closet space? Clothing rack! Minimal wardrobe? Clothing rack! Shop owner? Clothing rack! Fashionista? Clothing rack! Photographer with a studio space? Clothing rack! Literally, stop me…I could go on and on forever!

For me, learning to sew has come with a LOT of fabric. I am sewing some pieces from store-bought fabric, but lots of pieces I am ‘refashioning’ from thrifted clothing and/or clothing I want to alter in some way to better suit my style and flatter my body type. Needless to say, fabric and clothes have piled up quick. And where do they usually land? My favorite thrifted blue velvet chair in my office.


Searching around on Pinterest, I came across a similar copper clothing rack (but for $150 on Etsy) and showed it to my husband. He instantly assured me that we could easily find the parts at Lowe’s and my blue chair could once again be used for sitting, instead of holding my projects.


All the parts for the clothing rack can be found in the plumbing section of your preferred home/hardware store. Copper pipe is slightly more expensive than regular pipe, but don’t let prices trick you. When you decide the dimensions you want your rack to be (mine is about 5’ H x 5’ W x 1.5’ D), don’t be afraid to buy the longer pieces of pipes and cut them down to size using a pipe cutter. I needed three 5’ pieces of pipe, but decided to buy two 10’ pieces. I saved at least $20 by doing this, and used the extra 5’ of pipe to build the base of the clothing rack. For the two supports that run along the bottom, I bought a smaller diameter of pipe and saved money this way as well. Basically: don’t be afraid to get technical. It might result in some extra brainstorming, but it’s worth it to save about $30 in the end!


The connecting pieces can be found alongside the pipe. Once again, definitely check out this helpful blog post for more details on what kinds of connectors you might need.


Within minutes of completing the clothing rack, I was hanging my projects up in rainbow order. I can feel a #sewtherainbow hashtag coming in the future, because…well, that might just be the funnest thing ever!

For me, seeing my projects displayed in such an organized way is inspiring and motivating. I could totally see someone using a clothing rack like this to plan your wardrobe for the week, or to display a capsule wardrobe. If we had a bigger bedroom, I would ABSOLUTELY build another one and experiment with planning my outfits for the week—-I think it would be fun to see everything displayed on a clothing rack as if it were in a store. What do you think?

Do you want to see more DIY’s like this or more sewing related content? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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