DIY Chalk Gift Tags (Cheap + Easy)

Remember that one time I opened at Etsy store in 2013? Well, I still have a TON (like 300) business cards with allll kinds of outdated information on them left over from that failed endeavor. And, because I can't stand to throw that much perfectly usable cardstock in the garbage, I have been brainstorming ways to upcycle these business cards into something functional! 

These DIY Chalk Gift Tags are the first solution I came to. The idea came to me as I was thinking of a cute way to package up a birthday present for my niece, who turned 8 earlier this month! When browsing Target for gift-wrap options, I'm always tempted to spend an absurd amount of money on their cute little gift tags in all shapes and sizes and colors. But, why not make my own when I have the materials at my finger tips (and for a much cheaper cost)?

Because I don't plan ahead, like, at all...the materials pictured above are what I began with:
1. Chalk Paint
2. Old Business Cards (you can also use a heavy cardstock in the size of your choice)
3. A paintbrush
4. Chalk for writing

However, you'll also need:
5. A plate or bowl to put paint on/in
6. A hole punch
7. Rubber Cement or other craft glue
8. Twine or Ribbon for tying the tags on

I picked up this Chalk Paint at Wal-Mart in the craft section. They have a gorgeous array of colors, and this brand of paint comes in many different finishes for all kinds of fun projects. This little 2 oz bottle was around $2. That seems steep until you see how little paint you need to cover a small surface area! A little goes a long way. 

(The colors I picked up are: Maize, Crystal, and Ballet Slipper)
*I also have a large canister of Krylon Chalkboard Paint in'll see that I used this as well. I don't remember seeing a black chalk paint in the Waverly brand, but it's totally possible they carry it!

Any kind of little paintbrush will do for this DIY project, so long as the bristles are clean, soft, and packed together to produce a smooth stroke. 

First, I put one coat of chalk paint on the blank side of four business cards. Immediately, the cards began to curl up, but we'll fix that later! I put them aside to dry. 

While those were drying, I got artsy, and played around with mixing colors. This was incredibly easy to do, and I love the result! (I'll have a tutorial on this painting style in the very near future for another Chalk Paint project)

After each card had time to dry completely, I added a second coat to each one. I noticed this second coat seemed to flatten them out a bit...but not, we'll still need to take care of that. We don't want flimsy, floppy gift tags! 

Which is where this lovely creation comes in! Rubber Cement is quite pricy, IMHO, but hopefully you have some in your kitchen cabinet like I did! You won't need very much of this. I love that it is a No-Wrinkle formula...that's EXACTLY what we need.

I know, I can't really tell it here, but I grabbed another business card from my stash, and glued it to the back of my painted tag. I made sure to put glue on the back of the painted card, then applied the new card (making sure to keep the side with all the info on it hidden) and applied it to the glue. Because I put the side with the outdated info in the middle, I have a nice white backing that I could also paint if I so choose! You can barely see the thickness of this tag with both cards glued together. It's slightly heavy with a great high-quality feel to it! I held the two cards together to make sure they were glued on straight. Then, I sat them aside to dry, laying a heavy can of soup on top of them if they still needed a bit of flattening. 

Now all my cards are extra thick and ready for the hole punch!

I didn't show my hole punch here because it's my dad's big@$$ 3-Hole Punch that had a bunch of dust and other stuff on it. And, it was much easier to do it off camera. 

After punching holes, I'm going to sharpen up some chalk! I bought a bunch of chalk at Michael's, in all these bright colors (you'll see them in a sec) and I have LURVED playing around with Chalk Lettering. I had no idea you could use a regular pencil sharpener on your chalk until I tried it. Is that the best kept secret or what? Or is it not a secret? Lol IDK

Even though I knew it would work, I am still amazed at how beautifully the chalk applies to the chalk paint! 

How gorgeous and bright are these colors together?

The best part is, the chalk wipes off easily with a damp paper towel or rag. But, be careful! The tags are still made of paper. Be sure to only apply the wet rag where there is writing. 

Now that my gift tags are complete, I wanted to show you how I packaged my niece's birthday gift! Harper loves Feminism (she's awesome), Alice in Wonderland, and Cats!

I designed this cat print for her in my new favorite holographic foil! 

Harper has also taken an interest in learning cursive, and has had a full brush-lettering lesson from her Aunt Kiley! I got her these fun dry-erase markers for her dry erase board so she can continue practicing her letters without wasting paper. And of course, she's an iPad user (like, where was Apple when I was 8 years old), so she's getting some emoji stickers. 

I stacked all these items together in a neat little package, and pulled out my May Arts ribbon to tie it up!


I found a piece of blue ribbon in my random box of craft stuff (doesn't everyone have one of those?), and tied on my tag. Technically, my gift is complete! But, because I've only been an Aunt for a little over a month, and I tend to go overboard in all areas of my life....

I used my chalk paint and some gold spray paint to dress up an old canister that didn't sell at a recent yard sale. I hope Harper can use this can to put some of her arts and crafts supplies in!

The tutorial for creating these fun canisters is what my next DIY tutorial will be on!  

So, that's all for this week, guys! I'm going to be sending out my next newsletter within the week on how I will be transitioning my small business from Kentucky to husband and I signed a lease this week, and we make the move on August 4th! I'm so excited, but equally nervous. Wish us luck! 

And if you'd like to hear about that...