National Scrapbooking Day: Versatile Derby Day Birthday Card

Hey y'all! I am SO excited to be celebrating National Scrapbooking Day, which is coming up in a little over a week! In celebration, Tombow sent me a crazy-amazing package full of scrapbooking goodies...I about fell over when I opened the package. Now, even though I love every single item they sent over, I am simply not gifted with the scrapbooker gene, and I decided to go in a unique direction. Instead of a scrapbook page, I'm going to make a versatile Derby Day inspired birthday card. Stick around and read this tutorial if you want to see just what I mean by versatile ;-)


This birthday card is unlike any I have ever seen (or created) before. My sister in law, a Louisville-lover and fellow Kentuckian, celebrates her birthday incredibly close to Derby Day. In honor of her, and the famous Kentucky Derby beverage, the Mint Julep, I hand-made this birthday card that also doubles as a recipe card. This card can be displayed on a bar cart, on the refrigerator, or wherever you want to keep it for when you want to make yourself this bluegrass beverage. I had SO much fun creating this, and I already have some more ideas for a birthday card for my husband, who's favorite drink is a Moscow Mule.

The supplies I used:
2 sheets of patterned paper by Samantha Rose 
As many sheets as necessary of ultra smooth, heavyweight cardstock
1 Aquash Brush
Tombow Dual Brush Pens (colors listed below)
Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip
Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil (or any drawing pencil)
Scissors (or other paper trimmer)
Tombow Foam Tabs
Tombow Mono Dots Adhesive
Washi Tape
Tombow Blending Palette
Gold Corner Stickers

I decided to begin with my sketch. I wasn't sure what I wanted the message on the front or inside of the card to be, so I jotted down a few things. I also roughly sketched the mint julep drink onto the paper, very lightly, so I can erase it later. Next, I'm going to use the Tombow Dual Brush Pens as watercolor.

I'm using my grays (N60 and N75) to watercolor the mint julep cup. If you want to see a much more detailed demonstration of how to use Tombow Dual Brush Pens as watercolors, take a look at this tutorial.

I chose to use an Aquash pen for this illustration, but you can just as easily use any watercolor or paint brush!

I decided, spur of the moment, to add a shadow to the cup, but I kind of wish I hadn't!!! I hope you're a better illustrator than I am ;-)

Above, I simply repeated the process with my greens.
245, 158, and 312

Next, I pulled out my trusty Fudenosuke Soft Tip to letter some of the sentiments I sketched.

Once I had lettered over my sketches, I erased the pencil marks away, and set this paper aside.

As my cardfront, I chose this grayish-purple wood pattern paper from this DCWV Samantha Rose paper pad. Every single piece of paper in here is absolutely incredible. I've already used it for a background to an Instagram post, and I can't wait to show you some other uses for it in a future blog post!

I folded an 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock in half (hot dog style! ha), and cut the piece of pattern paper down to fit flush on top. I used the Tombow Mono Dots Adhesive to adhere it to the front of the card.

Next, I cut out my mint julep illustration, and set it aside!

Next, I cut down a piece of cardstock to be this smaller strip, and I sketched out the recipe for the mint julep. I lettered over it with my Fudenosuke Soft Tip, and used the adhesive to attach it to the front!

After adhering the recipe, I used these fun gold triangle stickers to add a little something extra to the corners.

I wanted to elevate my illustration to barely stand above the rest of the card, and these large foam tabs were perfect!

I thought the front of the card needed just a little something extra, so I cut out another piece of pattern paper to be this banner shape, and wrapped the top of it around to the inside of the card. I adhered it with the same adhesive I used on the rest of the card, and it works like a charm! I finished the whole thing off by lettering the title of the drink on the banner.

And on the inside, I went with a completely different sentiment that I had intended, but I like it!! 

And that's IT! I am no expert cardmaker, that's for sure, but I got to fulfill a dream today by making this card. I watch so many card makers on YouTube, because the art of card making is just so lovely and fun to watch. I want to give a huge shoutout to Tombow for including me in National Scrapbooking Day so I can live out this little artsy-fartsy dream of mine! I have two other cards in the works, for future blog posts, so get ready!!! I can't wait to show you more in the next few weeks!

What did you think of this card? Have you ever had a Mint Julep? Where would you put this recipe card?

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