How To Add Dimensional Shadows to Your Lettering

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Recently, I have been trying not to neglect my Dual Brush Pens so much! I've got a beautiful collection of them in my office, and I'm not using them nearly enough.

SIDENOTE: This is how I store my most-used Tombows!

SIDENOTE: This is how I store my most-used Tombows!

In the spirit of paying lots of loving attention to my dual brush pens, I was playing around with how to add easy shadows to my lettering that goes beyond just adding a dark line. I wanted to add dimension, but I didn't want it to be difficult. 

And I came up with a little system that works for me, and, in my opinion, looks pretty good! 

All you need to create this look is...

Watch this short video tutorial on how I'm creating dimensional shadows to take my lettering up a notch or two!

What did you think about the video? Are you going to try this technique? Leave a comment below and tell me! I would love to hear from you!