How to Letter with Crayola Markers

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I've heard of letterers using Crayola Markers for a while, but I always kind of thought...meh, I don't really care to try that. However, I was recently perusing the craft section of my local grocery store and I saw the prettiest set of Crayola Supertips Markers and some of the colors just called out to me. So I picked them up and tested them out! 

I asked Instagram what they predicted my verdict would be: pleasantly surprised or not impressed.
You all voted that I would be pleasantly surprised. 
And I am! Yay!

Of course, there are good and bad points to these markers. All in all, I would still pick my favorite brush pen 9 times out of 10. But that's just me! Maybe they are your favorite tool or your next favorite tool. Below, I've listed out my pros and cons to the Crayola Super Tip markers, with a short tutorial video at the bottom of this post. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

1. Affordable


This goes at the top of the list because letterers (especially beginners) and crafters can fall into a deep spending hole when it comes to lettering. For me, personally, I would not ONLY use Crayola Markers (especially for client work, sellable art, etc), but these would be an excellent starting point or affordable way to mix things up and try something new. I picked up this 20 pack for less than $5, but I've linked them from Wal-Mart for even cheaper.

2. Print or Script Lettering


The fact that you can write in print is a given, but script requires a little more 'continuous flow' that actual brush pens allow you to have with ease. I was surprised that writing in a script wasn't extremely difficult with the Crayola markers, but many times in my experiment, my strokes were not perfect because the tips of the markers are stiff. It requires extra thought to get a 'perfect' script with these, but hey---who really cares about perfection?

3. Great Color Variety


For the price, you get an awesome color variety! And these are GOOD colors, too. I don't think I need to further explain myself, here. Pretty colors are everything in the lettering world!

4. Minimal Learning Curve


I was pleasantly surprised to find that these are incredibly easy to letter with. Do I still prefer a brush pen? Absolutely. Starting out with Crayola Markers might keep a beginner from learning how to use a brush pen....or it might make it easier? I'm not really sure. Either way...there's not much of a learning curve with these, and that's great!

There are still downsides to these markers. I'll keep this part short and sweet because each of these are self-explanatory.

1. Blending is difficult
2. Low quality ink that will fade over time
3. The stiff tip doesn't work perfectly for lettering
4. Requires a change in hand position between upstrokes and downstrokes. That's a lot of changing!

I turned on my camera while testing these markers for the first time! See some of my good and bad points in action below!

Will you be picking these up and giving them a try? Are you already a Crayola pro? Let me know in the comments!