Creating with Color: How I Put My Color Schemes Together

I honestly never thought my jewelry box and my collection of Tombow Dual Brush Pens would have much in common (besides the fact that I dig through both on a daily basis). But as Spring approaches, warmer weather and Spring-ing forward on the clock (hello, it was daylight until like 7:10PM tonight!) have me pulling out my most colorful jewelry AND favoring my most colorful pens. 

As you've seen on my Instagram this week, I've been drawing florals like they're going out of style. Simply playing around with new ways of using my brush pens has inspired new textures, more depth, and elevated interest within my lettering practice. After almost a whole year of writing phrases, practicing the alphabet, and wracking my brain every day to come up with a create quote or video for Instagram, I am refreshed and revived by my new desire to COLOR with my pens, rather than write with them. Such a simple concept that has changed the game for me. 

Many of my friends on Instagram have noticed this change in my style and shown support for a fresher, brighter, and all-around more FUN color palette, so I want to share a secret with you...well, it's not really a secret because I completely gave it away in the first sentence of this post.

I've been creating color schemes based on my favorite pieces of jewelry.

Ok, so it's not a ground-breaking development! But, for someone like me, it has made a world of difference. 'Color' isn't something that comes easy to me. My mom has a wonderful eye for picking out the different tones in colors, something I have never been able to do. We can look at the same teal paint chip, and she can see greens and blues and yellows and I just see a really pretty color. She's also very talented at putting different colors together---something I am less than gifted with, but always working on. Until my eye for color improves, it makes sense to me that I draw from things I already own and wear regularly that bring me A few things my mom did pass down to me are: her love of jewelry (passed down from her mom) and love of bright colors. That's why I'm leaning toward jewelry, and as you'll notice, the brightest colors in my collection when I search for inspiration.

My collection of pens is large enough that I can find a close color match for most of the pieces I own. However--not only are the colors excellent for reference, the shapes and patterns are pretty darn inspirational as well. This colorful wreath above, and the one below, are loosely mimicking the shape and pattern of each bracelet.

I have always loved a good watercolor floral wreath, but have never been good with putting the different floral shapes or colors together. Looking at these bracelets inspired me to create these "Scribble Wreaths," as I call them. Loosely mimicking the shape makes for a more organic result. I love how both of these came out.

Here are some more color palettes I can't wait to play with:

I can't wait to experiment with drawing different lines, line lengths, and stroke thicknesses using the green and blue scheme above.

I'm a huge fan of gem tones, and I love the idea of pairing them with neons. Both the earring and bracelet are excellent examples of putting gem tones with neon pastels in a way that is aesthetically appealing. 

I was most excited about the first scribble wreath I put together, so I recreated it on a larger scale, and this quote instantly popped into my head: Fortune Favors the Bold. 

I quickly lettered it inside the wreath with my new fave, the Tombow Fudenosuke Twin Tip. It seemed fitting to write it quickly and without concern for precision---letting more of my actual hand-writing come through. 

I am simply loving where this new interest in color and texture has taken me so far, and I can't wait to see how it will continue to develop. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Let me know in the comments below!