50 Ways to Draw A "C" - Brush Lettering Practice + Free Worksheet

If you would like to download all 26 worksheets, simply click here!

Hey everyone! The super quick blog post is going up on a Tuesday (had to) because I couldn't wait to share this with you! 'This' being my third installment of the '50 Ways Series,' presenting the incredibly tough letter 'C.' I had to get seriously creative with some of these!

As you'll know from last Friday's post, I have been addicted to lettering on my iPad Pro! But, as I said, I never want to abandon my brush pens or get too out of practice with my lettering 'in real life.' So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this perfect solution. 

Unlike the previous two installments of this series (Check out 'A' here, and 'B' here), I am not sketching my C's out in pencil first. Last night, I sat down for a date with my iPad, and began lettering my C's in Procreate. As I mentioned last week, the iPad gets my creative juices flowing SO quickly. Within about 20 minutes, I had 50 very unique letter C's, in all shapes and sizes. And, thanks to Procreate, my letters were virtually perfect. In an effort not to let my pens get too lonely, I decided to create a worksheet for myself, printed it, and began tracing them with my favorite pen ever. 

I had such success with this method of practice, that I wanted to share my worksheet with you!

Ok! Like I said, this post is super quick! I'll be back on Friday for another tutorial, and next week, I'll have 50 Ways to Letter 'D,' complete with a worksheet! Can't wait :) See you then!