the best paper for lettering + Other Office Supplies I'm Loving Right Now!

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Hey y'all! I'm here today with a quick blog post about some new things I've been obsessed with in the past few weeks! I've recently had the urge to get out of my comfort zone and get some new items into my studio/office that will both be functional AND inspire me to do some new things!

First up: The Most Affordable Lettering Paper EVER!

This may look like any old paper, but I discovered this Georgia-Pacific Cardstock at Wal-Mart when I was in a pinch--completely out of the paper I was using at that moment. It's 110lb quality, which is amazing, and it comes in reams of 100 or 250 for an incredibly affordable price. I couldn't believe it! You can pick some up at your local Wal-Mart, or you can order it here.

It works wonderfully with my brush pens, and I've been using it like crazy with my lettered pieces for Instagram. Literally, if you take a look, every single piece I've done as of late has been on this cardstock. I cannot recommend it enough!

Next Up: The Mono Air 6 Correction Tape

This tape was designed to be written on! And it's much higher quality than any similar tape by other brands, because the maker, Tombow, specializes in designing with delicate brush nibs in mind. What else could you ask for? I don't do much planning in a physical planner anymore now that I'm a converted Trello User, BUT, I can find some other creative uses for this tape...

I made this quick little inspirational piece for my pegboard by applying strips of the correction tape on a scrap piece of scrapbook paper. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it adds something unique to my office, and hey, I like the message I chose, too!

Next up: Erasers I Could Almost Eat!

These UH-DORABLE erasers by Amy Tangerine (fellow lettering artist and design idol of mine) are a new favorite to have on my desk. But, I will say...I don't know if I'll be able to use them! You can pick some up for your desk right here.

Last: Washi Tape

Yeah, I know, I'm super late to the game. I just didn't understand the appeal of washi tape (it's just tape!) until recently. 

Now I want to use it for everything!! Most recently, I am using it to hang up all my random lettering pieces, but I also like to use it in photo props, as well as regular organizational tasks. I may or may not have put some washi tape on a tax document going to the IRS....oops!

That's all for this week, guys! If you want to keep up with blog posts and other news, I encourage you to sign up for my weekly newsletter!