Must Have Beginner Brush Lettering Supplies

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Today, I'm talking must-have beginner brush lettering supplies. There are really only a few things you need to get started in brush lettering, and guess what: it won't break your break if you decide brush lettering isn't your thing!

First up: A good old fashioned pencil.

Although I love me some fancy pencils, I don't believe a beginner needs a fancy pencil to get started with lettering. You can use whatever you have in your junk drawer, but there's also something to be said about opening a fresh pack of pencils! So, these are my favorite!


The same goes for erasers! Do I believe you need an artist-grade eraser to get started? Absolutely not! So just throw these erasers in your cart and you'll be good to go.
*Yes, you can use the eraser at the end of your pencil, but honey, trust me on this's gonna go FAST. Get the extra packs.*


For getting started with brush lettering you will need....BRUSH PENS! These are two of my favorites, and what I started with way back in 2015. I've actually never used a different brand/type of brush pen for longer than a week...these are just too good.
This is my large brush pen of choice (seen in video below)
This is my small brush pen of choice (also seen in video below)

But, if you want to start with a monoline pen (as seen in the video below) and try your hand at faux calligraphy, these are my recommendations: The Classic Sharpie and the Papermate Flair Pen!


Paper is where it gets 'fancier.' To get started with lettering and see success *faster* I truly, truly believe a super smooth paper will change the game. The smooth texture of the papers listed below will help your pencil and pen glide across the paper and really help you along in developing your lettering skills!

This is my Cardstock of choice for brush pens!
Tracing Paper (For muscle memory building)
Marker Paper (great for all markers)


Lastly, I've got some resource recommendations, because I think it's important to not *just* rely on a computer or a smart phone to browse blogs and Pinterest and Instagram for lettering tutorials and inspiration! 

My new book, Super Simple Hand Lettering, is out now, and I think it's an incredible resource for beginner lettering artists!

I've also got a class coming out on May 2nd for Beginners called Learn to Letter! You can check it out here.


Kiley Bennett is the lettering artist, blogger, and teacher behind Kiley in Kentucky! Starting in 2015, Kiley in KY is a one-stop- shop for anyone learning the ropes of brush-lettering. Access everything from free work-sheets, super simple tutorials, to affordable self-paced online courses--all of which arecreated in Kiley’s home studio. 

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