50 Ways to Draw A 'B' - Brush Lettering Practice + Creativity Booster

50 Ways to Letter B

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In case you missed it, I posted 50 Ways to Draw An 'A' a couple of weeks ago---and the response was incredible! 

It turns out, a lot of you agree that this challenge sounds a lot more ambitious than it actually is! Who knew such a simple exercise could get your creative juices pumping so fast? Though, I will admit....'A' was a lot easier for me than 'B.' Let's dig in and find out why!  

As you can see, I took a slightly different approach to the 'B' challenge than I did with the 'A.' For 'A,' it seemed like a really good idea to draw each letter out in pencil first, THEN go back over it with Microns and do a little 'faux' calligraphy practice (all of this is in my previous post). However, for 'B,' I was already dreading the drawn out process of pencil > micron > adding in extra detail...but, I was going to push through for the sake of consistency! THEN, the lettering angels delivered my monthly Tombow Brand Ambassador shipment to my door (literally, just as I was sitting down to do this post), and my favorite pens of all time--the Fudenosuke Soft and Hard Nibs...I'll be posting about them next Friday---were sitting there in the package. 

Therefore, this post is alllll about brush lettering!

Because I'm so comfortable with brush lettering, I had to make this challenging in some way. That's why I decided to give myself one sheet of paper (I used tracing paper here), to come up with all of these in one sitting...ON THE FLY. No pencil. No eraser. 

I'll point out that one major obstacle I face each time I letter is how shaky and totally un-steady my hands are. I drink a LOT of coffee throughout the day, and not nearly enough water...so, generally, my lettering is kind of shaky. And, because I digitize anything I sell, this is never a big problem for me. However, these are not digitized, and the shakiness is very apparent...especially on the thin tracing paper. 

I decided to use tracing paper because of the texture. Tracing paper is so smooth, and it makes the Fudenosuke pens look and feel extra 'juicy.' However, for the same reason, it also shows flaws. As you can see in the photo above, there are lots of flaws! Jagged lines, squiggles, and shakes galore! 

This close up photo displays the B's I was drawing near the end of challenge. And it is OBVIOUS! Look at them...some of those B's are just ridiculous looking and I would never use them!

But, that's the point of the challenge. When you come up with 50 unique variations, there are bound to be some bad ones in the mix! At least I've got those out of my system. 

Still...more ridiculous B's! As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the B's were a lot tougher for me to come with than the A's. And I think that's because of the general shape of a B. there are only some many embellishments you can give to 2 half circles and a straight line. With the 'A,' you could really take advantage of the cross bar, and do some truly unique flourishes. With the B's, I found that I wanted to do the same embellishments over and over again. Creatively, there wasn't much I could do to make my B's look drastically different from one another. And I think that's why I came up with so many 'ridiculous' shapes.

On the other hand...there are a few I really love, and will absolutely save for a rainy day!

These are my favorite B's out of the 50 variations...I'll will absolutely make these specific designs a staple in my lettering!

A lot of you also requested that I include a printable download to practice some of the letters I came up with in my challenge. I promise, I will do this...but I didn't have time this week!

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And, if you missed it, you can catch 50 Ways to Draw An 'A' here!