A Little Note to the Person Holding the Pen

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Now for our regularly scheduled programming....

Instead of a tutorial or a lesson in hand-lettering techniques, I want to share some encouragement for the (lettering) artist who might find themselves weary from all the #hustle, playing the toxic comparison game, or simply losing sight of what creating art is supposed to be about. 

This is...

There are a million artists out there---many that are, let's be honest, more 'talented' or 'well-known' than you. 

But just remember:

And comparison will steal your creativity and originality away, leaving you insecure and unhappy with your own natural talents, rendering you incapable of creating something you can be and should be proud of. That's the worst.

So, when you're feeling uninspired, just remember:

Go back to basics every now and then. Go back to the alphabet. Dissect each letter; discover it all over again! Learn how to create a classic serif letter, or take a look at traditional calligraphy. Don't feel the need to constantly reinvent the wheel. When it seems like everyone is creating the cutest, most original art ever, just remember:

Art isn't a competition or a game one can "win" or "lose." Focus on DOING YOU, BOO, and don't worry about the rest. If you're chasing the title of "THE Best," you'll run yourself ragged. If you're chasing YOUR personal best, I think it's possible you could achieve that each and every day. 


Sharing your art takes courage, and a lot of it. Have NO SHAME in what comes natural to you, in the art you create, in the art you love to look at. Have no shame in chasing your goals where your art is concerned. As long as you are happy, who cares about the rest? 

Create every day, and remember:

Practice doesn't make perfect, but it does make a more skilled and confident artist. Improvement may not always be apparent, but it will be there, hiding in the details, building up slowly day by day....until that moment when you take a step back and look at what you've created and can see the progress you've made is ten times more than you imagined.

And every day:

It's too easy to lose hold on the reason we began in the first place. Whatever that reason may be, go back to that place; that fresh, malleable mind of a beginner, and remind yourself what it felt like to have your entire artistic journey in front of you. 

Happy F R I Y A Y !