Online Learning with Skillshare: iPad Lettering, Watercolor, and An Awesome Offer For You!

SKILLSHARE Learning Watercolor Ipad Lettering with Kiley in Kentucky

I’m so excited to partner with Skillshare on bringing you this really special post! Please stick around until the end when I have a really great offer for y’all, thanks to Skillshare!

At the time I was first introduced to Skillshare back in early 2015, I was learning about and teaching myself graphic design. Skillshare was an excellent online resource for helping me along in my quest to conquer Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I will never forget how valuable those classes were to me in the beginning of my creative career! Not to mention, they totally sparked my interest in teaching online courses.

If you haven't heard of this amazing learning platform, it is what I would consider the BEST and largest database of online classes out there. For as little as $15 a month, you have COMPLETE access to over 16,000 classes that cover creative, business, technology, and lifestyle topics. Everything from illustration and lettering, to film production and accounting. 

Skillshare was actually one of the first online resources that introduced me to the world of brush lettering! Before I even purchased my first brush pen, I had watched ALL the brush lettering classes possible on Skillshare. 

That's why I'm so excited to give you a review of 3 classes I took on Skillshare this month, and to offer you the craziest deal ever: two FREE months of Skillshare Premium, so you can see what the fuss is about for yourself!

1. Sketchbook Practice - Bring Watercolor to Life with Simple Line Drawing by Ohn Mar Win

This class jumped out at me because I have really been loving my watercolors lately, and also because I just received the new Tombow Mono Drawing Pens, and have been searching for new ideas on how those two can work together. This class was the PERFECT inspiration for creating fruits, vegetables, and florals that I could see myself turning into a pattern, a print for the kitchen, or even a tech wallpaper. This class is not for the beginning watercolor artist (although there are PLENTY of beginner watercolor classes on Skillshare). This class is simply to show you how you can use black ink to dress up your watercolor illustrations. Ohn Mar Win has the most relaxing voice, and was an excellent instructor, and I learned so much in this short class. 

Here is what I created after Win's 35 minute Skillshare class:

In this class, Win instructs how to paint each object, and how to use an ink pen, step-by-step, to draw the inky details. I am so proud of how my project turned out! Also, my husband, an artist, himself, noticed this page in my sketchbook and was truly impressed. Score!

2. Intro to iPad Lettering by Teela Cunningham

I’ve been subscribed to Teela’s youtube channel where I've followed her Adobe Illustrator tutorials religiously for at least 1.5 years. I already know she's an amazing teacher, so when I saw that she offers classes on Skillshare, I was like “HECK YES!” Before this class, I didn’t consider myself a beginner at iPad Lettering...but after---I realized I totally am. Teela introduced me to many aspects of Procreate and iPad Lettering that I didn’t previously know, which I consider a huge success.

This class was much longer than the first one, totaling an hour and twenty minutes. Though that seems like a long time, Teela really makes it fly by (especially if you speed it up 1.25x--an option Skillshare offers), and she packs so much good information in that time span.

Teela’s class includes ‘class projects,’ which is an awesome feature on Skillshare. In her class, she uses three lettering guides that students are encouraged to download (very easy process) to use as they follow along in the class. Not only are the lettering guides great for her class, but you have them forever! Pretty cool, if I do say so!

Here's what I created after taking Teela's class:

Teela taught me how to use a glitter texture (also a free download in the class) to create this glitter lettering! Totally easy and very impressive!

3. Expressive Little Faces: Proportions, Painting, Personality by Amarilys Henderson

If you didn't know already, in addition to watercolors, I've been working on my illustration skills. It is my MISSION to conquer character illustration. I jumped at the opportunity to take this class by the extremely talented Amarilys Henderson. 

In this class, she goes through the basics of creating a face: the hardest part of illustrating people! She walks you through how to capture the nuances and emotions and defining characteristics of various facial types and ethnicities. I was truly impressed at how easy she makes it all look, and shocked to find I wasn't as horrible at it as I had anticipated.

Here are some photos of my facial feature practice:

I absolutely adore Henderson's loose, cartoon-y illustration style, but if realism is more your thing, don't worry...there's a class for that, too!

Still not convinced?

There are over 300 classes on lettering, alone, on Skillshare.
There are almost 400 classes on watercolor.
Over 1700 classes on illustration. 
900 classes that cover Adobe Illustrator. 

Are you kidding?! Where else can you get all those classes for less than I probably spend on coffee in one week. (Yes, I'm a little ashamed to admit that, but whatever!)

If you want to branch out of your comfort zone and learn new mediums and new methods of art, you NEED to get over to Skillshare right now. And if you're just getting started in your creative business, and you want to hone in on your skills or learn important business lessons from established biz owners, you need to get over to Skillshare right now!

Skillshare is helping me offer you two FREE months of Skillshare so you can try it out for yourself and get totally hooked.