If you're still in the really new stages of lettering, you might be interested in my new online class, Learn to Letter!

Learn to Letter is waiting for you! In this introductory class, I cover the basics of lettering--brush lettering, faux calligraphy, monoline, serifs, and more! By the end of this online course, you'll be ready to move forward into your lettering practice with knowledge, confidence, and the right set of tools! Learn more + watch the trailer here.


But what if you're already confident in the basics of lettering, but need a little help with developing your own style? 

I've got a class for that, too!

The Love How You Letter Class is a self-paced online class devoted to finding, developing, and nurturing your own style as a lettering artist! Check it out here!

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Come join my free Facebook group, The Love How You Letter Group!

If you're into lettering challenges, this may not be your group. In The LHYL Group we like to share work, discuss topics about lettering as a business, or simply get advice or critique on work for our shop, a potential client, or just for some encouragement. Whether you're a lettering beginner or a pro, this group is an awesome resource for learning + connected with likeminded lettering artists!




I just wrote my first book on brush lettering for beginners! 
Pick it up on Amazon now, or watch a flip-through video here.

and oh yeah...