Hey, I'm Kiley.

I love art, doable DIY, and Goodwill.
But, my bread and butter is brush lettering!

Say that five times fast!


this is how I spend my days:

I'm a teacher... A teacher of online and in-person workshops. I launched my first online class, THE LOVE HOW YOU LETTER CLASS, in April of 2017, and I do my best to schedule in-person workshops in Kentucky and Southern Illinois. My latest workshop is taking place in Greensburg, Kentucky on May 19th!

I co-host a podcast... I started The Misses Ambitious Podcast with my business BFF, Blaine in February of 2017. Our show is for the creative or entrepreneurial spirit who wants to dive into this scary/crazy/awesome world, but needs a little pep talk first...if that's you (or if you just want to listen for fun), you can hear new episodes every Tuesday AND FRIDAY on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher!

I create tutorials and resources that inspire and encourage... I love crafting blog posts, and now, YouTube Videos, about brush lettering, watercolor, and my favorite products and techniques. Take a look at my blog! You can also pick up my book, Super Simple Hand Lettering, and have a little Kiley in Kentucky Lettering Love in your own home!

Other titles I go by:

  • Cat Mom

  • Coffee Snob

  • Nail Polish Guru 



This is my story

Kiley in Kentucky' began in 2013 as a small lifestyle blog I used to gain writing and photography experience shortly after graduating college. When I moved to New York City in 2014, I was SURE life in New York City would inspire me to continue blogging, but it simply didn't feel right anymore and, reluctantly, I went on an indefinite hiatus. To my surprise, when I took a step back, everything started coming into focus! I picked up hand-lettering as a way to pass time at a low-key desk job and re-discovered my love of blogging...this time about lettering tutorials and inspiration! By mid-2016, I had moved back to Kentucky, opened an online shop, gotten married, and relocated (again) to Southern Illinois, where I live with my adorable husband. Though Kiley is no longer in Kentucky, I will always have a serious love for all things Bluegrass...and I ain't changin' my name now!


i get asked this a lot...

Q: I don't have a degree in design...do you have one? Do I need one to follow my design dreams?!
I do not have a degree in design, and I don't think you need one either! It's a much tougher road to travel, but I am almost 100% self-taught. However, if getting a degree is the right path for you, go for it! I will 'never say never' to going back to school one day.

Q: How and when did you begin lettering?
In some form or fashion, I have been lettering my entire life (elementary school = bubble letters)! I began taking lettering seriously in mid-2015. I got myself in the habit of daily lettering practice by participating in 30 day lettering challenges on Instagram and researching lots of different styles!

Q: Is this your full-time job?

Q: What is the best way for a total beginner to learn lettering? 
Eek! That's a big one! I wrote a blog post about my 3 Favorite Tips for Beginners here. As for learning, I am currently working on an online course on lettering. Stay tuned!

Q: What products do you use the most? 
Because I prefer brush calligraphy, I reach for Tombow Dual Brush Pens more often than any other tool. Another favorite is the Tombow Fudenosuke pen. For watercolor brush lettering, I use a Pental Aquash brush. 

Q: You seem to favor Tombow products. Any particular reason? 
I ran to the nearest art supply store and bought a pack of Tombow Dual Brush Pens when I saw Amanda Arneill using them on Instagram. After experimenting with other brands of brush pen, I still preferred their brush tip over any other on the market. I am now so blessed and thankful to be a TombowUSA Brand Ambassador, meaning I test, review, and blog about their products. 

Q: What program do you use to digitize your hand-drawn art?
Adobe Illustrator

Q: What platform/who did you use to design/build your website?
I use Squarespace, and I designed it myself, thanks to Squarespace's easy-to-use website building platform.

Q: What app do you use to edit your lettering photos for Instagram?
'A Color Story'

Q: Do you take your own blog photos? 
Yes and no! For MOST of my blog posts, the photos you see are my own. However, my brand photos, headshot, and almost every other photo on this website was taken by my talented mom, January June Photography.